October 5, 2008

Espers - Espers II

Artist: Espers
Album: Espers II
Year: 2006
Genre:psych folk
Bitrate:320 kbps (VBR)

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his philadephia sextet sounds like an english folk-rock group from the late 60'/early 70's. pentangle with shades of fairport convention come to mind. singer meg baird has a hauntingly fine voice that weaves through the forest of instruments on this album with subtle beauty. and there IS a forest of instruments here. many instruments that i have never heard of: like, the echo plex, the crumar toccata, the crumar performer, the univox mini-korg, the arp odyssey, the omnichord, the doumbeck, the dholak, singing bowls, and the crybaby. i have heard of the martin 6-string acoustic guitar, which is beautifully layered into the mix all throughout the recording. there is also cello, recorder, flute, sleigh bells, and gongs here. mojo magazine selected this as the 22nd best album of 2006 and who am i to argue. great album, indeed. (Amazon.com)


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