June 30, 2008

Monika - Avatar

Album: Avatar
Year: 2008
Genre:Indie, Piano

Great voice, exceptional interpretation!! Irreproachable cohesion and succession of pieces.An incredibly touching disk,a big surprise from our country (Greece)!

A 21 year old student from Athens, Greece. At the age of 5 she started playing the piano and at 10 she bought her first guitar. A little later, she joined an orchestra in order to take saxophone lessons that lasted 5 years. She can also play some accordion and drums. She used to be a member of her brother’s band “Serpentine” where she did some basic vocals and played the electric guitar.

A year later, she came to Athens to study mathematics and started recording some songs in her computer. At the same time, she became a member of “Relevant Box” where she played the saxophone and did backing vocals. In the summer of 2005, she recorded some stuff for “My Wet Calvin” and in February she recorded a saxophone piece for the band “MENTA”. Her first single “Over the Hill” was released in early May 2008 and her debut album “Avatar” in the 19th of the same month.

All tracks written by MONIKA, recorded & arranged by Ottomo, mixed by Ian Caple (Tindersticks, Tricky, Yann Tiersen ), mastered by Ted Jensen (NY Sterling Sound)

Executive Producer: Πάνος Θεοφανέλλης, Αντώνης Ζουγανέλης, Archangel Music

Raphael - Music To Disappear In

Album:Music To Disappear In
Year: 1988
Genre:Ambient, Instrumental, New Age
Country:United States

Music to Disappear In combines sublimely angelic atmospheres and trance-like dream dances - a new romantic music in the Vangelisian tradition that's sonically lush and emotionally luscious.

An emotional experience of peacefulness

The first four pieces reveal RAPHAEL's classical roots, building from solo piano to ethereal choirs and full orchestration, including an exquisite version of the "In Paradisum" movement from Faure's Requiem.
Pieces 5 through 8 reveal the more primal side of the artist's inspiration, with an earthy, tribal trance music that successfully bridges Western and ethnic genres.
About the artist - Raphael... was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised by Benedictine nuns. Under their tutelage and encouragement, he developed a love for music, first learning about classical music and Gregorian chant. As a young man, after playing gypsy violin on the streets and utilizing his talents in rock bands, Raphael studied the piano formally at the San Francisco Conservatory.
He later spent a decade at Esalen, the renowned Northern California spiritual community. It was during his time there that he began to blend his various influences, draw from multiple cultures for compositional inspiration, and forge his signature style of healing and relaxation music.

Originally issued in 1989, Music To Disappear In was his first recording for the label Hearts of Space. A bit dated by this juncture, these nine songs, all original compositions but for the traditional opener ("Disappearing Into You"), use piano and keyboards as a central voice, creating a lulling web of atmospheric string sounds complemented by flute and percussion.

Man Man - Rabbit Habits

Artist:Man Man
Album:Rabbit Habits
Year: 2008
Genre:Experimental Rock
Country:United States

To put it simply, Man Man’s
Rabbit Habits, is a solid album. A very, very solid album. Lovers of the band, have nothing to fear, as the typical Man Man sound exists in nearly every track (high pitched voices, cracking vocals, frantic drums, intense instrumentation, etc.), but they will be pleasantly surprised to hear the new music-styles that can be heard in the second half of the album. New comers will be pleasantly surprised to hear unique, demonic, and just fun new music, that they will never forget. So kick back, close your eyes, and let each song paint itself, in your mind. (Consequense of sound)

June 28, 2008

Until June - Until June

Artist:Until June
Album:Until June
Year: 2007
Genre:Alternative Rock
Country:United States

A 3-piece band from Hollywood, CA, Until June's minimalist melodies and brit/pop sensibility collide on their self-titled debut release from Flicker Records. an ambient journey of heartbreak and redemption for those who have lost and been found again.

"Until June has been around for quite a while now, releasing self-produced EPs and trying their utmost to get signed to a record label. Originally playing under the name “Juune,” the guys set a deadline for June 2005 with the ultimatum being that they either get signed by that time or call it quits. By spring of that year, they were in talks with various labels, but nothing panned out until the end of the summer. It was a little passed their intended deadline, but Flicker Records finally signed them. And to avoid legal troubles, they changed their name to “Until June,” thus also honoring their set deadline.

Nearly two years later, they’ve finally released their self-titled national debut, so that the rest of us can hear what they’ve been trying to say for years now. It’s a familiar brand of British “pop/rock,” with a little indie flare thrown in, not very much unlike Coldplay or Keane. Josh Ballard’s voice (A bit nasally, but passionate and soothing) is somewhat of an acquired taste, however, but the songs are usually catchy enough to compensate.
Their lyrics fare about the same as the music: Nothing truly outstanding, but never bland. They speak on more than one occasion about broken hearts and would seem somewhat bleak if it wasn’t for the pop/rock optimism inherent on even the slower of the ten tracks here. On occasion, most notable their album closer, “You Do,” they speak of Christ, pondering the price paid for our salvation, and longing to see life the way He must, in order to make such a sacrifice.
There’s a lot to like here, and there’s a lot to improve on, but Until June’s debut is definitely worth a listen. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s refreshing to hear some piano/rock done right."

Philip Glass - Violin Concerto

Artist:Philip Glass
Album: Violin Concerto. Prelude and Dance from Akhnaten.
Year: 2000
Country:United States

Philip Glass's
signature doom-and-gloom minor sonorities and shifting rhythms scintillate and eddy under the touch of Adele Anthony and the Ulster Symphony. The solo line in the Violin Concerto is at odds with a unified orchestra throughout, and Anthony's romantic tone draws the listener in for an exploration of the texture, grain, and fiber of Glass's structural minimalism. The Ulster Symphony's rendering of Company and Akhnaten, under the leadership of Takuo Yuasa, forms brilliant darts of tonal color. As a musical adaptation of Samuel Beckett's prose of the same name, Company's dark ruminations are appropriate for the text's depiction of a solitary figure lying on his back in the dark. The orchestra seems aware of their repetitious mechanical task in performing these works, yet this human awareness is what makes Glass's orchestral work so compelling. --Alexis Odell

June 26, 2008

Shearwater - Rook

Year: 2008
Genre:Alternative Rock
Country:United States

Shearwater is an alternative country band formed in late 1999 that focuses on reflective and affectionate lyrics coupled with melodic vocals.
The album features harp, glockenspiel, woodwind, and a hammer dulcimer among more conventional instruments such as guitar and piano. The track "Rooks" features an overdub of piano being played backwards
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The Album of the Year...(so far)!

June 20, 2008

Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough

Artist:Telefon Tel Aviv
Album: Fahrenheit Fair Enough
Year: 2001
Genre:Electronica, Downtempo, Chillout
Country:United States

Telefon Tel Aviv is a music collective headed by Josh Eustis and Charlie Cooper of New Orleans, Louisiana. The two originally met in high school, but did not begin working on music together until after university studies. Since 1999 the two have been working to cultivate their sound, one that is based largely in electronic music, but that also shows flourishes of classical, vintage soul, ambient drone, and noise, among other things.

On Fahrenheit Fair Enough, guitars and pianos share the spectrum with alien sound forms, supported by slow breakbeat-style rhythmic patterns. The ambiences created for this record are spacious and rely on soft melodies and clever instrumentation. The title track, which opens the album, offers a recurring clean melodic line, at first gliding over hesitant sonic forms, before developing onto found sounds and broken beat structure. The same chilled ambiences are found all throughout Fahrenheit Fair Enough. On John Thomas On The Inside…, guitarist Alfredo Nogueira gives a surprising twist to the Telefon Tel Aviv sound by introducing a proper acoustic instrument in the apparent acoustic atmospheres generated by the duo. It takes a while to discern the real from the virtual, but it definitely brings an increased organic feel to the track. Elsewhere, it is the electronic nature of the duo’s compositions that prevails. What’s The Use Of Feet… is a perfect example of the more mechanical side of Telefon Tel Aviv’s music. Although a piano punctuate the track with chords, it is generally a more intricate formation that the duo presents here. This perfect symbiosis of sound proves to be an excellent formula for the New Orleans band. Telefon Tel Aviv create with this first album, a brilliant series of chilled electronica, avoiding all the downfalls of ambient by carefully setting up their ambiences.

Disvega - Idrosfera

Album: Idrosfera
Year: 2005
Genre:Ambient, Instrumental

Idrosfera is a journey through the continuous, infinite water cycle: from the rain to the water-bearings, from the rivers to the sea, the cycle constantly repeats itself. The whole musical project was realized for the pictorial works of Riccardo Ruberti and it was presented in 2005 during the painter's exhibition at the Bottega del Caffè of Leghorn.

June 19, 2008

The Prodigy - Experience

Artist:The Prodigy
Album: Experience
Year: 1992
Genre:Electronic ,rave
Country:United Kingdom

Experience is the debut album from Essex-based dance act The Prodigy. With influences ranging from reggae to acid house and everything in between, 'Experience' is a fast-paced eclectic mix of different genres and ideas from start to finish. Contains the singles 'Charly' and 'Out Of Space'.
From Amazon.com

June 17, 2008

The Cranberries - Bury the Hatchet

Artist:The Cranberries
Album: Bury the Hatchet
Year: 1998
Genre:Alternative Rock

It's the first album released by the band after their (first) hiatus which started back in 1996. Dolores had taken that time to heal from stress-induced diseases, and also had her first child, Taylor, during this period. This last fact reflected on some of the tracks in the album, mainly on "Animal Instinct" and "You and Me".

"Promises", the first single, talked about divorce, a theme that was bugging Dolores, who had time to rest in her home country, Ireland. She said she wrote it when divorce was becoming particularly popular there. She was of course fearful of her own marriage, not because she had any troubles with her husband Don, but because now she had to have something else in mind: her son.

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June 14, 2008

Antony and the Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now

Artist:Antony and the Johnsons
Album: I Am A Bird Now
Genre:Indie Pop, Art Rock, Avantgarde
Country:United States

I Am a Bird Now is the critically-acclaimed second album by New York City band Antony and the Johnsons. It was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize on July 19, 2005 and was announced as the eventual winner on September 6, 2005. After winning the prize, the album shot up the UK albums chart from #135 to #16 in one week, the biggest jump in the history of the Mercury Music Prize. A few weeks later, the album went back up the charts at #5.
"The album features guest appearances by Rufus Wainwright ("What Can I Do?") and Devendra Banhart, and by lead singer Antony Hegarty's childhood heroes Boy George and Lou Reed. The cover is a photograph by Peter Hujar of Warhol superstar Candy Darling on her deathbed.

I'm completely overwhelmed by this record. I Am a Bird Now is beyond any semi-confectionary aesthetic distance that you might bring to discussing your average album. This music grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go. It feels timeless and gorgeous and bigger than life. It may not be "soul" in the strict, music appreciation 101 sense, but it could make even the most jaded atheist approach a metaphysical regard. It is assured, seering and majestic SOUL to the utmost. I'd put on my critic's cap and dive into scrutiny, but I am too enraptured by this artist's music.

For some reason my CD of I Am a Bird Now is skipping and every skip is like a dagger in the heart. The pure unadulterated emotion on display decries such tedious interruptions. I never thought I could appreciate Boy George till I heard him singing with Antony on the impossibly touching "You Are My Sister." And there is no point in dwelling on the gender bending (I didn't even want to acknowledge it, to tell you the truth) aspects of the artist because his songs are so 'universally' moving. Whereas Antony and The Johnsons was a stark, chilling affair that was arresting and perhaps a little disconcerting, this album is a shining beacon of hope and healing amidst ceaseless pangs of heartache and loss. The gospel-tinged "Fistful of Love" brings in a horn section and Lou Reed for a particularly uplifting experience that bridges the middle of the album splendidly.

I have to see Antony perform these songs. It's not a question of the recorded material not being enough, but I could see the breathtaking sweep of these songs taking on a whole new power in a live setting. I'm reminded of the scene in Mulholland Dr. where the two principal characters are in the theater listening to Rebecca Del Rio's heart-rending solo version of Roy Orbisons "Crying." I love this scene so much; how incredibly heavy it feels. I understood completely why they cried, and probably did a little myself. What's interesting is the one thing that kept the whole thing from utter hokeyness was that the song was sung in Spanish.

In this sense, I Am a Bird Now is authentic and moving because it hits you in ways that are both recognizable and foreign. Like Nina Simone, Antony has this uncanny ability to take your standard blues progression and give it authority that skips whatever reservations and preconceptions the audience might lean toward and aims directly for their empathy and, ultimately, their belief in the innate, transcendent force music can contain."(tinymixtapes.com)

June 13, 2008

Fates Warning - Awaken The Guardian

Artist:Fates Warning
Album: Awaken The Guardian
Year: 1986
Genre:Progressive Metal
Country:United States

Awaken the Guardian was Fates Warning's third release,and it is BY FAR my most favorite.

Also pay attention to the lyrics!.Their amazing and mysterious!

Sébastien Schuller - Happiness

Artist:Sébastien Schuller
Album: Happiness
Year: 2005
Genre:Electronica, Downtempo, Indie Pop

Sébastien Schuller is a classically trained percussionist who became an accomplished and eclectic multi-instrumentalist over the years, composing and interpreting his own work, backed by a few hand picked friends, including Paul Hanford (Brothers in Sound, Sancho).

"Who, or what, is Sebastien Schuller hiding from? In almost all of the songs on Happiness, his lyrics are hidden behind something, some filter or synth. In his video for “Weeping Willow,” and on his website, he wears a mask. Well, all good artists need some sort of affectation, and Schuller is one of them. If he feels the need to hide from us, well, as long as he’s making his music, then so be it. There is a feeling of happiness that emanates from his music, which is a combination of synth beats, slow piano, bells, and acoustic guitar. But he comes at the concept in an odd way. The sound is slow and the titles of his songs sad: “Tears Coming Home,” “Sleeping Song,” and “Alone You Walk.”
Happiness is reminiscent in some ways of Moby’s Play, especially in the way it is not heavy on vocals, and in the way that it will probably still be meaningful in ten years. It is also very eclectic: sometimes it sounds Celtic, and then, in the same song, I get the sense that I’m listening to the music under the sea. Sometimes there is a specific robotic beat and a soft, ghostly voice, then things speed up and Schuller sings without any changes to his voice. Actually, we don’t really hear him until track seven out of eleven (“Tears Coming Home.”) It can be easy to make the assumption that if we don’t hear an artist’s voice, they don’t have a good one (for instance, I’m not really sure what Julian Casablancas’ voice sounds like, so . . .). But Schuller has a sweet, Tom Chaplin (Keane) quality to it, making me wish we could hear it for what it is more often.
Oh, well. Happiness is what it is, and it is a beautiful peek into the soul of a clearly creative man.
— Amber Henson"

Solarsoul - Touch of feelings

Compiled by:Solarsoul
Album: Touch of feelings
Year: 2008
Genre:Electronic, Ambient, Chill out

A very nice ambient and chilli compilation.. beautiful atmospheric and relaxing soundscapes!!


01.Northern Skyline - Afterglow of Sunset (Original mix)
02.Katcha - Touched By God Katchas (Quiet Storm Mix)
03.Christian Rusch - Take Your Time
04.PSH Project - Tears
05.Obe Feat. Lilith - Angel
06.Lagoona - Mana (Christian Rusch Remix)
07.Recluse - Isle Dauphine (Ambient mix)
18.Leama & Moor - Coming Of Age (album mix)
19.Thomas Datt - Evaporate (chilled mix)
10.Michael Splint featuring Sasja - You set Me Free Mackers (Ambient instrumental mix)
11.Sensorica - Ex Animo

June 9, 2008

Jean Michel Jarre - Téo & Téa

Artist:Jean Michel Jarre
Album: Téo & Téa
Year: 2007

Téo & Téa is an album by French composer and artist Jean Michel Jarre, published by Warner Music in late March 2007. The album tells the story, in musical form, of one day in the life of fictional cartoon characters Téo and Téa, two lookalike creatures who meet, fall in love and spend one day together

Official Téo & Téa website

June 5, 2008

Sokratis Malamas - Empty room(adio domatio)

Artist:Sokratis Malamas
Album: Empty Room
Year: 2005
Genre:Alternative, Rock

A unique songwriter from Greece with rare talent!

June 3, 2008

James Kirsch - Inner Sunset

Artist:James Kirsch
Album: Inner Sunset
Year: 2004
Genre:lush melodic instrumental electronica
Country:United States

We always be happy when artists are generous and want to share their art with the rest of us,
cause we believe in that and we support them!

"People ask me why I am not selling this music. Mostly it's because I have a day job and my underlying goal is to have my music heard. I know in my heart that there are a few people who will really resonate with my music - I want to maximize the probability that my music will find those people."

Download and Enjoy this beautiful album for Free at
>General fuzz

June 2, 2008

Nikos Xιdakis - Euripides Electra

Artist: Nikos Xιdakis
Album:Euripides Electra
Year: 1990
Genre:Ancient Greek Tragedy

It is the unique Municipal Theatre that was presented in the “Epidavrus Festival” with the tragedies of Euripides “Electra”, “Ifigenia of Tavris” and Eschilos “Choifores” that were characterized as stations in the research of Ancient Greek drama. It is the unique DI.PE.THE that represented our country in cultural Capital (Anversa with “Electra” of Euripides) and had attendances to a lot of festivals abroad.

June 1, 2008

Keith Jarrett & Michala Petri - Bach Sonatas

Performers:Keith Jarrett (Harpsichord) & Michala Petri (recorder)
Composer:J.S. Bach
Year: 1992
Country:United States

The multi-talented Keith Jarrett teams up with recorder virtuoso Michala Petri to present over an hour of perfectly-balanced music for recorder and harpsichord.If you appreciate Bach or recorder music, this album is a must for you. Keith Jarrett and Michala Petri have put together a series of performances that sound so "right " that you cannot imagine them played otherwise.The recorder playing, especially, is intriguing. Michala produces a sound similar to a flute, but a little darker and more mellow. Recorder, especially for Baroque music, is highly underrated.A highly dynamic reading of the Bach Sonatas.

The Innocence Mission - Befriended

Artist:The Innocence Mission
Album: Befriended
Year: 2003
Genre:Alternative, Female Vocalist, Dream Pop
Country:United States

The members of the Innocence Mission were still in high school when they became friends and bandmates. Singer-songwriter Karen Peris, her husband, guitarist Don Peris and bassist Mike Bitts.Innocence Mission is a band that sings about joy, the joy of life, love and family. Don Peris finds her subjects in the small stories of life - the visits from friends, bundling up and walking in the winter sunshine, dreams and children, hope. The music has dignity and spirituality.

Befriended, is a haunting collection of 10 songs that features the interplay of Don's gorgeously warm and shimmering electric guitars with Karen's transcendently lovely vocals and moving lyrics.Karen Peris' hauntingly beautiful voice communicates with immediacy. Her very visual, engaging lyrics have a rare emotional depth and a firm sense of place. Inside them the sadness of loss and longing coexist with hope and joy. A number of the songs seem to be tributes or elegies to beloved friends...Like a peaceful dream!


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