July 31, 2008

Master Female Audiophile II

Album: Master Female Audiophile II
Year: 2007
Genre:Jazz, Lounge

This compilation includes the beautiful and timeless voices of Simone, Malene Mortensen, Maria Winther, Kari Bremnes, Jenny Evans and more!


01.Elisabeth Kontomanou - The Good Life
02.Simone - Close To You
03.Malene Mortensen - Desperado
04.Veronica Mortensen - In My Life
05.Katrine Madsen - Can't Buy Me Love
06.Josefine Cronholm - Don't Weep
07.Maria Winther - You Must Believe In Spring
08.Sir's Svale Band - Love For Sale
09.Rim Banna - The Mirrors Of My Soul
10.Inger Marie Gundersen - I Don't Want To Talk About It
11.Jenny Evans - What Joy
12.Katia Cardenal - Dulce Marioneta
13.Elisabeth Karster - Pardon, Goddess Of The Night
14.Niki King - Tenderly
15.Kari Bremnes - Wave On Rock

July 30, 2008

Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim Story - Inlandish

Artist:Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim Story
Album: Inlandish
Year: 2008
Genre:Neo-classical, Ambient, Electronica
Country:Germany - United States

The orchardist

Inlandish is the second collaboration between American neo-classical composer Tim Story and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of legendary German groups Cluster and Harmonia.Hans-Joachim Roedelius born 1934 in Berlin, nurse, physiotherapist, masseur, escort of the dying, composer, writer, poet, foto-collage-artist, producer, curator.Foundermember of the artslab "Zodiak" in Berlin(1968) and groups such as : "Human Being","personare","Kluster","Cluster", "Harmonia", "Friendly Game", "Aquarello" and "Tempus Transit".

On Inlandish Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story explore musical and personal memories. Their exuberant reimaginings of ideas set forth by Cluster freely alludes to the entire history of electronic music. Roedelius is acknowledged as an artist of unique expressive power. His piano themes ground each of the 12 works, above which Tim Story integrates a wonderful jumble of atmospheric pads and thick synth leads as well as electronic buzzes, clicks and groans. Viola, oboe and cello also inhabit a few tracks and tinge each unique vignette with elegance and tenderness. The experience is an adventurous exploration, delivered as if in intimate, personal touch with the listener.

emotionally ambiguous mesmerising soundscapes

"Back In Stock. A sequel to the acclaimed Lunz project, this follow-up finds Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story shedding their original collaborative moniker in favour of recording under their own names. It's great to hear the Cluster and Harmonia veteran in such fine form (he'll be 74 this year), making effortlessly graceful ambient music that still sounds like it's at the very forefront of the genre. Inlandish is bound to prompt comparisons to Ryuichi Sakamoto or Harold Budd for the glowing, meditative piano pieces at the heart of the record, but the kind of electronic treatments and additional instrumentation reaches beyond any single theme, with some compositions simply augmented by ghostly strands of cello, while others more fully embrace digital manipulation, as on 'Serpentining'; a melding of melodic piano and humming circuitry. Of course, there's some great synth work on the album too, particularly when it comes to the vintage krautrock tones of 'Beforst', a piece wonderfully redolent of Roedelius' past. Excellent.(boomkat.com)"


Year: 2008
Genre:Lounge, Electronica

If you love me (Αν μ' αγαπάς)

Greek Cimema Revisited is a compilation with newly recorded music inspired or based on themes previously featured on cult Greek films.

Artists in order of appearence:
Varano feat. Vincent Van Go Go, Matisse feat. Nina Lotsari, Mikael Delta feat. Etten, GK feat. IRO, b-Boy feat. Miranda, Serafim Tsotsonis feat. Marien, Yosebu, Greggy K feat. Etten, Matisse feat. Aris Siafas, Cyanna and Indigenes Sound.

03. MIKAEL DELTA feat. ETTEN - KYMATA (4:27)
04. GK feat. IRO - ENA KALOKAIRI (4:42)
05. b-BOY feat. MIRANDA - You & I (4:06)
10. CYANNA - ZAVARA (4:35)

July 29, 2008

Mission The OST - Ennio Morricone

Artist:Ennio Morricone
Album: Mission The OST
Year: 1986
Country:England - Italy

Ennio Morricone is one of the most celebrated composers of modern cinema, largely known as the man who invented what's known as "Spaghetti Western" music, but as his score for THE MISSION bears out, he's a diverse artist capable of much more than twangy guitar and desert soundscapes. Exotic percussion, timeless-sounding choral voices and delicate string and woodwind orchestrations mark Morricone's soundtrack for THE MISSION. One of the most striking qualities of this score, which Morricone conducted in addition to composing and orchestrating, is its spiritual quality, but it's not the distant spirituality of gothic cathedrals and impersonal icons. Aided by stirring orchestral passages, these pieces touch the listener in a much more tactile, personal way, providing a sensory link between the earthly and the divine.

July 28, 2008

Hellenic Trio - Works of Greek composers I

Artist:Hellenic Trio
Album: Works of Greek composers I
Year: 2008

Puzzlemusik is introducing the new W series consisting of works of Contemporary Classic music. This flute, viola, guitar Trio performs chamber music works of Greek composers: Kydoniatis, Constantinides, Diamantis, Kokkoris and Kanas. The time span of these works runs from 1970 to 2007.

The Hellenic Trio’s common pursuit (D.Fotopoulos – flute, P. Anastassiades – viola and A. Kousoumvekakis – guitar) is the creation of a Hellenic repertoire through concerts and recordings in Greece and abroad. Due to its encouragement many active composers have written and are still writing significant pieces dedicated to the Hellenic Trio. The Trio has given numerous concerts (Greece-abroad), live broadcasts on the radio and television. They have also participated (performing and teaching) in international festivals held in Greece and abroad. This CD has been recorded with the support of 'The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation'.

Constantinos Kydoniatis

05.Arabas Perna
06.Thassos - Paramythia
George Diamantis

Dinos Constantinides

09.Molto Vivace
Evagelos Kokkoris

10.Molto Atmosferico
Babis Canas

11.Moderato Giocoso
13.Like Syrtos (Dance) From Chania

Beware of Safety - It Is Curtains

Artist:Beware of Safety
Album: It Is Curtains
Year: 2008
Genre:Post - Rock, Instrumental
Country:United States

Those who enjoy their instrumental rock to emphasize the "rock" should take note of Beware of Safety. This quartet out of Los Angeles concocts an explosive creation that leaves no prisoners. And while the music is loud, noisey, and aggressive, the band really shines in the post-trauma aftermath, showcasing a more sophisticated side that really speaks towards the band's natural talent and understanding of its art. Selected as release of the month, It is Curtains comes highly recommended by the Silent Ballet staff. -
The Silent Ballet

• The likes of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky make up a decent portion of my extra-curricular music listening, so much so that it takes a truly amazing record in that genre to really get my attention. There's something about Beware of Safety, that caught my ear immediately. The slow atmosphere sinks through tendrils of perfectly-toned guitar, while white sheets of cymbals and a dissolving snare outline the rhythms, bass perfectly holding the two together. Where similar bands are plenty happy to be depressed in their drone, there's a lack of resignation on this record that gives these songs a little jagged edge to their pillowy, floating sounds. There's hope and there's anger (and a little depression, too). Listen to it on your regular stereo set-up, but to get the most out of it, play it through headphones, and picture cottony clouds below an azure sky... snow-capped peaks viewed from the roof of a city skyscraper... time-lapse film of stars passing through the velvety nighttime heavens. 5/5. - CD Baby

July 27, 2008

Burial - Untrue

Album: Untrue
Year: 2007


As the name might suggest, Burial likes to keep things underground. The mysterious producer is a curious anomaly on the currently flourishing dubstep scene, keeping his identity secret while others are networking furiously and raking in lots of DJ cash. Rumours abound that he doesn’t even exist, that Burial is actually the alter-ego of an established artist – perhaps Kode9, who runs the Hyperdub label. In reality, he’s just the reclusive type.

The music, too, is of a different character to the dubstep sound currently blasting out from club backrooms across Europe. Burial's beats aren’t really aimed at the dancefloor, more for headphones-under-a-hoodie, down in a tube station at midnight – and the headphones need to be decent. Where the best-known dubstep cuts are built on growling, barking basslines, his beats are a more intricate proposition. (BBC -Dance Review)

July 26, 2008

St.Vincent - Marry Me

Artist:Annie Clark
Album: Marry me
Year: 2007

Your lips are red

In 2008 Clark was nominated for three PLUG Independent Music Awards: New Artist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, and Music Video of the Year, and on 6 March 2008, she won the Female Artist of the Year award.

July 25, 2008

Renbourn John - The Lady And The Unicorn

Artist:Renbourn John
Album: The Lady And The Unicorn
Year: 1971
Genre:Neo-classical, Traditional folk
Country:United Kingdom

John Renbourn (born August 8, 1944, Marylebone, London, England) is an English guitarist and songwriter.While most commonly labelled a folk musician, Renbourn's musical tastes and interests take in early music, classical music, blues and world music.Throughout the late '60s and early '70s, John Renbourn alternated albums by the Pentangle and duet records with his longtime partner Bert Jansch with small-scale, somewhat experimental solo records. 1971's instrumental THE LADY AND THE UNICORN blends Renbourn's extraordinary six and 12-string acoustic guitars with subtle flute, violin, tasteful sitar, and hand percussion.

THE LADY AND THE UNICORN is part early music (the opening "Trotto" and "Saltarello"), part traditional English ballad (the closing medley incorporates "My Johnny Was a Shoemaker" and "Scarborough Fair"), and part jazz and world-tinged Renbourn originals. These eight tunes are flawlessly played, with enough humor and grace that Renbourn's ample chops are never the main attraction. THE LADY AND THE UNICORN should be of interest to Renbourn's usual folk audience and to fans of early and Renaissance-era music.

Personnel: John Renbourn (guitar, sitar); Dave Swarbrick (violin); Don Harper (viola); Tony Roberts, Ray Warleigh (flute); Len Nicholson (concertina); Terry Cox (hand drums, glockenspiel).

"...a beautiful instrumental record...a variety of short songs, medieval pieces and early classical things done with guitar, flute, violin, and even a trace of sitar...The selection of timeless, haunting, exquisite medieval and renaissance music on this album will truly transport you to another time and place"

Takahiro Kido - Fleursy Music

Artist:Takahiro Kido
Album: Fleursy Music
Year: 2007
Genre:Instrumental, Electronica, Neo-classical, Ambient

Fleursy Music" is a breathtakingly beautiful album by young Japanese composer. He creates music by merging electronics with many type of acoustic instruments such as piano, organ, violin, viola, cello, trumpet, sax, clarinet, flute, guitar, glockenspiel, accordion, melodion, drums and percussions. These instruments are remarkably well textured as he records in very unique situations - like in the tunnel, mountains, abandoned hotel lobby and concert halls - capturing the natural reverberations of the atmosphere. And after recording, he processes and carefully layers these sounds in his computer to obtain the perfect combination. The 10 tracks here were selected among over 150 compositions he made during these 2 years.

Ovum - Microcosmos

Album: Microcosmos
Year: 2008
Genre:Instrumental, Post-Rock

Japans Ovum is truly an impassioned, talented and groundbreaking postrock
band. Their music has a way of picking you up and really making the listener
feel inspired and in awe of what they can create. Microcosmos is a full hour
of absolute aural bliss.
jazzy feeling post-rock

"OVUM is a four-piece instrumental band based in Tokyo, Japan.
We have given concerts in Tokyo since formed in 2006.
Making songs, we remove improvisation and noise as much as possible and make
much of ensemble, melodies, harmony and structure by composition.
Our music may be based on the form of so called post rock. However, what we
believe the most important is not in musical form but in the pursuit of
universal beauty such as the sweetest of melodies and harmony, which may
sound classical.
If you feel that our sound is beautiful, we are very happy."

July 24, 2008

Manuel Göttsching: E2-E4

Year: 1984

As the leader of the group Ash Ra Tempel or Ashra, as well as solo artist, he is one of the pioneers of a music style that would later be called electronica. His 1984 album E2-E4 has been influential in the development of techno music, house music and ambient music.

more on Wikipedia..

July 23, 2008

Yann Tiersen - Tabarly

Artist:Yann Tiersen
Album: Tabarly
Year: 2008
Genre:Piano, Instrumental



This year Yann Tiersen's musical work will be featured in yet another movie. The movie is about the French sailor Eric Tabarly. He was a former officer in the French Navy. He won many races all from various boats he named Pen Duick.This is a movie/documentary of his life and times as a world renowned sailor.

Yann Tiersen gives homage to a great sailor, Eric Tabarly, who disappeared at sea in June 1998. In a completely sober ambiance, Tiersen puts into music the life of Tabarly, better known as The Sage of the Ocean. He evokes the navigation instruments, the tempests, the moments of calm and the beauty offered by the desert of the sea and give a discreet and delicate homage to this sportsman who unfortunately disappeared too early...

Mutyumu - Il y a

Album: Il y a
Year: September 2008
Genre:Rock, Experimental, Avantgarde, Symponic Metal, Piano

Track 3

MUTYUMU is a band from Japan, formed in 2001, and their self-titled debut was released in October 2006.Mutyumu are a five (or six)-person group whose web site describes them as a “funeral classical band,” an interesting concept. How else to describe a group that somehow fuses chamber music, death metal, Dead Can Dance, and Godspeed You Black Emperor-style drama into their songs? The tracks here range from a delicate piano intro, a heavy keys-drums-guitar fuzz piece, rock-metal-violin opera, and more. Vocalist Hachisunoit can sound like a demon or an angel, and the music supports whichever role she takes on.Mutyumu list an extensive roster of influences to their music; among the artists mentioned are Johann Sebastian Bach, Dead Can Dance, U2, Nine Inch Nails and Dimmu Borgir - a wide range of influences, all of which are actual musical references.

Ryota Yoda - guitars
Jyunpei Suda - drums
Hachisunoit - vocals
Yuko Ikenaga - keyboards
Chiaki Okamoto - violin, bass

A weird and wonderful musical journey

Will you like it? I think the answer depends on your tolerance for wildly disparate kinds of music; your patience for long and perhaps self-indulgent (though always melodic) mostly instrumental compositions; and, probably, your mood when you put this disc into your CD player. I’m going to recommend it not only because of the band’s bravery and talent but also because, wildly divergent though the styles on this album are, the whole thing is interesting, even beguiling. Just be warned that you’re in for a unique experience.Fans of experimental music in general, and in particular those with musical tastes ranging from metal to ambient, classical and jazz should find this release to be quite fascinating.
The album Il y a is planned to releasefor September 25, 2008!!

July 19, 2008

Joan Baez - Noel

Year: 1966

o,come o,come EmManuel

Joan Chandos Báez (born January 9, 1941) is an American folk singer and songwriter known for her distinctive vocal style as well as her outspoken activism and political views.
In this album Baez sings with her exceptional voice traditional songs

more on Wikipedia...

July 18, 2008

Kazuki Tomokawa- Blue Water, Red Water (2008)

Year: 2008

Dead Drunk

Kazuki Tomokawa is a prolific Japanese acid-folk singer, poet, and often described as a "screaming philosopher" due to his idiosyncratic singing style.

July 17, 2008

Rainbow - Rising

Year: 1976
Genre:Hard Rock


Ronnie James Dio – Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar
Jimmy Bain – Bass
Cozy Powell – Drums (the best!!!)
Tony Carey – Keyboards
Munich Philharmonic Orchestra – Strings, Horn

The album is regarded by many as one of the best of all 70s hard rock releases, and is seen as a milestone in heavy music. It contains the classic track "Stargazer" (a track which also features the Munich Philharmonic orchestra).

In my personal opinion Stargazer is the top track of Hard Rock written EVER!

July 16, 2008

korouva-Miranda Lehman-shipwrecks & Russian Roulette

Year: 2005


A young photographer(22 years old) with lots of talents! See her work here

A unique and very mysterious Album!

July 14, 2008

KAKI KING -Dreaming of Revenge (2008)

Artist:Kaki King
Album: dreaming of revenge
Year: 2008

Multi-skilled guitarist Kaki King has returned with a fourth album, a seemingly logical progression from her previous work ...Until We Felt Red. As with the last album, this one is a diversion from her first two albums, which were almost exclusively instrumental and guitar-centered, and focused primarily on her finger-tapping style.
Once again, she has assembled this overall mild-mannered album, which does not limit itself to any single genre, but rather dips in and out of various worlds of style, including bits and pieces of non-aggressive rock, folk, ambient jazz, and subtle post-rock

July 7, 2008

Hey Rosetta - Into Your Lungs

Artist:Hey Rosetta
Album: Into Your Lungs
Year: 2008
Genre:Rock, Indie

New Goodbye

Hey Rosetta! is a six member group hails from the rocky shores of St-John’s Newfoundland,Canada. The group was formed in 2005 by front man Tim Baker.In June of 2008 Hey Rosetta! released their newest album “Into Your Lungs (and around in you heart and on through your blood)”. The group consists of:

Tim Baker (Vocals, Guitar, Piano)
Adam Hogan (Guitar)
Josh Ward (Bass)
Phil Maloney (Drums)
Kinley Dowling (Violin)
Romesh Thavanathan (cello)

an album full of energetic, well-written, wonderful songs

The band creates a massive, layered big-band sound that incorporates the sometimes more emotional and evocative elements of music combined with stirring band chants. This all interplays against the traditional elements of piano, violin, cello, folk and pop-rock in an un-conventional and audibly workable musical base.Their singer has a beautiful, poignant, powerful and slightly raspy voice, which sounds just as great live.The songs are like fantastic poetic chapters of an old classic storybook supported by very powerful music that swells and bursts beautifully. The music has a very wide and beautifully filled up mixing.

Subheim - Approach

Album: Approach
Year: 2008
Genre:Downtempo, Electronica, Ambient

Hailing from Athens is Kostas K’s project SUBHEIM. Kostas is also the co-founder of the brand new Greek label Spectraliquid which promotes innovative art & music and hosts events with important artists from the experimental scene around the globe, The first musical appearance of SUBHEIM was the track ‘Howl’ released on the first Spectraliquid compilation in December 2007. ‘Approach’ is the title of the very first SUBHEIM album which has been released at the beginning of April on Tympanik Audio.

Kostas K - Music
Katja - Vocals

Deeply emotional with many piano parts and rich ambiance

Subheim's highly-anticipated debut album 'Approach'. Full of intricate rhythms,deep reverbs, and bitcrushed sounds, combined with pianos, cellos, and beautiful synthwork, 'Approach' delivers the ideal soundtrack for those moments of chaos or melancholy reflections. Haunting melodies and distant voices meet complex beats and luring atmospheres to create a unique blend of dynamics and emotion.

July 5, 2008

Blackfilm - Blackfilm

Album: Blackfilm
Year: 2008
Genre:Downtempo, Electronica, Ambient, Trip - hop

Hiding his face as well as his real name, even more interesting

questions arise when somebody attempts to get into Blackfilm’s
complicated music structures. Starting off in a somewhat
soundtrack perspective, Blackfilm slowly builds up an incredibly
dark environment, in which fearsome ambiences co-exist with
film-noir references. Evolving from downtempo electronic music
to orchestral paroxysms and, insanely, passing from down-pitched
nothingness to frozen urban landscapes, it becomes inevitable to
resist. Let yourself sink in the abyss…This second release,
carrying the same title with the composer’s name, is the very
first full-length album of this incredibly talented artist who
experts in combining modern day electronic music with classical
music references, while remaining absolutely original.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy acts such as Amon Tobin,
Portishead, FSOL as well intelligent dark electronic music.


"The term cinematic gets tossed around a great deal in the music reviewing business, especially when it comes to those genres and styles of an electronic inclination. For the most part anything appearing particularly dark, atmospheric and epic seems to get pasted with this descriptor, and much of that undeservedly so. Perhaps the right adjective at the time, in comparison to Blackfilm's self-titled debut album, most other so-called cinematic peers fall short. This stuff simply defines cinematic. Its orchestral nuances and muffled piano ("Interference"), spectral voices and effective interlude transitions ("Eastern" and "Untitled"), among other elements, serve to elucidate this formative strategy. As the second release for young label Spectraliquid (based in Athens, Greece), "Blackfilm" reflects a promising musical direction and, more significantly, astute artist selectivity.
The disc invites its listener in with "Come & See," an introduction to both the sound textures and strong thematic aspects that intertwine its ten compositions. "Blackfilm" brings a post-structuralist film noir quality to the forefront of pieces characterized as sweeping, ghostly, orchestral, downtempo and, of course, epic. Brilliant "Stalingrad" figures prominently in this idea; its ten-minute duration encompasses abandoned Cold War ambience and ominous post-urban illbient alike. In shorter tracks, other strengths come to prominence. The gently pushing bass tones in "Five Years" are masterful, while the insatiable trip hop groove of "Sonar" burns well into the night. The sensual Indian singing wafting through "Mahabharata" arouses fantastic visions of that poem's grandeur and ancient metaphysics. The spacey tenor, echoing voices and maudlin strings of "Midnight to 4 A.M." conceives a vast and unquenchable insignificance in the face of a universe beyond human comprehension. "Blackfilm" is gritty music for an eyes-closed headspace, at once harrowing and enlightening.
Blackfilm seems to have sampled or used a live drum kit for virtually all its snare and cymbal needs, and this anchor to realistic desires creates a specific tension strung through its otherwise calm, yet alienating, mood. Soothing and atmospheric as it is, this music blurs the uncomfortable boundary between fleeting emotion and the gnawing abyss. It succeeds in its sublimity. The closing, brooding "Atlantikend" sends the listener's consciousness off on a trajectory pointed deep into the blackness between the stars, or perhaps deeper into the fabric of space and time itself, to a place so unknowable as to rewrite actuality. Soaked in the history of our world, "Blackfilm" grasps for its tenuous future.-- Dutton Hauhart

July 4, 2008


Genre:Greek folk music

PSARADONIS, the famous
lyra player
Beyond the
musical notes,
there is ecstasy . .

Psaradonis is widely known as an accomplished lyre-player – a master performer in traditional music of Crete, Greek traditional music more generally.
He is restless and alert, with his own individual style in the playing of the lyre and other musical instruments. He has a unique relationship with the lyre which he «embraces» like a lover and travels with her the seas of our Cretan Musical Tradition.

Interstellar Overdrive - Surface b

Artist:Interstellar Overdrive
Album: Surface b
Year: 2003
Genre:Rock, Experimental, Indie, Post - Rock

Every Day

The core of what was to become interstellar overdrive was formed around 1998 in Athens, Greece, since then little or no resemblance exists. The genre changes dramatically with every new project. In 1999's 'Battle of the Bands' contest (held in Athens) the band was awarded with the first prize leading to the realisation of the debut album (Pegasus Records, 2000; reproduced in 900 copies).
From April 2002 to January 2003 the band, with a different line up this time, records a second album titled 'Surface b' again for Pegasus Records (reproduced in 600 copies). The musical style is a lot different than the debut album with influences ranging from indie to post-rock. Yet, within this album there is evidence of a more experimental and less commercial approach to music.

another great band from Greece..highly recommended!
The band consisted of :
@lex Sakellariou: drums, percussion
Orestis G. Karamanlis: electric, acoustic & classical guitars, bass, percussion, harmonica, xylophone, piano, vocals

Pepy Kosma: voice

Dr.Aris: bass
Dinos Bourandas: electric & classical violins, viola.

Additional Musicians: Manolis Angelakis [Illeagal Operation]: vocals, Aris Oikonomou: jaguar guitar, Dimitris Ioannou [Bokomolech]: vocals; Grigoris Kokkinos: drums; Sofia Labropoulou: harp of Asia Minor; Akis Bogiatzis [Sigmatropic]: vocals; Artemis Bogri: vocals; Ifigenie Bogiatzaki: vocals; Alan Massie: flute; Alexander Zhibaj: cello.
Noam Chomsky's voice was also used with his permission!!

The music of interstellar overdrive has also been used in film and theatre. At the moment the band undertakes an even more experimental approach investigating alternative ways to produce music using new media (even though its members are scattered).


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