September 29, 2008

eliot lipp-The outside (2008)

Artist:eliot lipp
Album: The outside
Year: 2008

Techno and hip-hop in their earliest, formative stages have inspired Eliot throughout his career, and form the common thread running through the album. Slick analogue synth work and tight drum programming abound, as Eliot deconstructs his influences to create something that is both recognizable and completely futuristic. For listeners who remember a time when electronic music had a little dirt under its fingernails, The Outside will truly capture your imaginatio


September 26, 2008

Kronos Quartet - performs Philip Glass

Composed by:Philip Glass
Performed by: Kronos Quartet
Year: 1995
Country:United States

String quartet No.2

Kronos Quartet is a string quartet founded by violinist David Harrington in 1973. Since 1978, the quartet has been based in San Francisco, California.Kronos specializes in new music and has a long history of commissioning new works. In fact, over 600 works have been created for the Kronos Quartet. They have worked with many minimalist composers including Arvo Pärt, Henryk Górecki, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Roberto Carnevale, Terry Riley and Kevin Volans.

Philip Glass (born January 31, 1937) is a three-time Academy Award-nominated American classical music composer. He is considered one of the most influential composers of the late-20th century and is widely acknowledged as a composer who has brought art music to the American public (along with precursors such as Richard Strauss, Kurt Weill and Leonard Bernstein).

His music is described as minimalist, from which he distanced himself in being a composer of "music with repetitive structures". Although his early, mature music is minimalist, he has evolved stylistically.Currently, he describes himself as a "Classicist", trained in harmony and counterpoint and studied Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Franz Schubert.
FIND out more about this GREAT musician!

The Quartet does a stunning and superb job here of some Glass's more emotional and essential works.Five quartets from Glass' later period - after the early operas and film scores. Very somber and serious in tone, these are among the most heartfelt works of a composer sometimes accused of lacking emotion. The Kronos Quartet delivers stunning performances of each of these works.

* "What's remarkable is how Glass's new musical language, shifting metres and triadic harmonies, suit the interaction of the bowing quartet. Buczak's funeral procession - reminiscent of Beethoven - serves as an elegy for a friend who died prematurely of AIDS. Over three movements Glass seems to turn his writing on its head, sounding more classical with each note. The freshest quartet, the Fifth, was specifically written for Kronos."Mark Prendergast

3epkano - At Land

Album: At Land
Year: 2007
Genre:Neo-classical, Instrumental, Experimental

blood of a poet

3epkano are a Dublin based, seven piece band/ensemble who specialise in producing original and innovative soundtracks for films from the silent movie era. The band were formed in early 2004 by Matthew Nolan and Cameron Doyle. The line-up includes 2 electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards/ organ, drums/percussion, cello and viola – the music is minimalist, guitar based, and almost entirely instrumental.

3epkano perform original contemporary live scores to classics of silent cinema.
We are conditioned to associate a particular form of music with silent film; music that is produced or composed to match or pre-empt action on screen, more times than not it suffocates what is happening visually. Film, in the way it's constructed, the way it's edited, the movement on screen, has a rhythm almost musical in itself. 3epkano's music tries to liberate the image and tap into the atmosphere, the tone that is being generated by the visuals and narrative on screen. Creating music for 3epkano is a process of patient exploration and tentative discovery, the result is a compelling and unique cinematic experience."


September 24, 2008

Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music I

Artist:Kashiwa Daisuke
Album: Program Music I
Year: 2007
Genre:Avantgarde, Electronica, Experimental, Jazz,


Born in Hiroshima, Kashiwa Daisuke started off as the composer and guitarist of postrock band Yodaka in 2001. Having evaluated their sound, the band has been praised by Jim O’Rourke. Being inspired by the band’s psychedelic sound due to a postrock approach, and by Maurizio Bianchi, he started a solo project in 2004.

As a solo artist his idea is to create not only acoustic, but also electronic filmy soundscapes and atmospheres, by melting together a variety of classic instruments, spoken word snippets, and crisp beats. With a proper amount of ambient music, all of these form an exquisite sound experience.Program Music I is his second album came in 2007, only featured two tracks, but whose runtime is still over an hour. Its rich textures and depths were noted, with one critic claiming, “It’s a combination of sound and image, rather than probably sound landscape, in terms of itself.”

One of the most impressive releases to come out in a very long while. Program Music I is absolutely brilliant experimental electronic combined with beautiful modern classical to create some of the most interesting music to listen to for an hour!
Highly Recommended

September 23, 2008

misuse - misuse (2008)

Album: misuse
Year: 2008

Mogwai chose them as a support act for their live date in Greece back in 2003. No plug-ins were used in this vintage-instruments-only debut that features Hammond organ, Obberheim synth, electroacoustic piano, celesta, vibraphone, violin, viola and cello.

Formed sometime in 2001 - Played several gigs in Athens at various venues, including support gig with Mogwai at Ark No.6 on April of 2003, after being selected by Mogwai themselves - Also played in other towns including Antiparos, Lehaina and Tripoli - Songs of Misuse are included in the now very hard to find compilations: "Mad Athens Presents Pop Scene 01" by Rubber, "Civil Cinder Regalia Vol. 1" by Tobruk Records & "In The Junkyard vol. 1" by Spinalonga - Misuse's song "Progyria" has been choreographed by Nefeli Stamouli. The choreography has taken part in the World Choreography Contest In Varna, Bulgaria in August 2006 & has also been presented at HELEXPO International Exhbition in Thessaloniki in an event of the Hellenic Dance Company in association with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, in Aristotelous Square on September 2006 - Currently recording new & old material for long play album ..

Sadly, on September the 18th 2006, Christos Kormalis, who was the original drummer and founding member of Misuse lost his life in a motorbike accident. Though he didn't play with them for the last 5 months, he was, and is, always considered as member by the group. It is him playing on Misuse's Locked in a bar He will be missed..


Crippled Black Phoenix - A Love Of Shared Disasters

Artist:Crippled Black Phoenix
Album: A Love Of Shared Disasters
Year: 2006
Genre:Post - Rock, Experimental, Alternative
Country:United Kingdom

End-time ballads, they call them. Folk songs from ancient times and distant lands, laments to the seas, and odes evoking the forces of nature. They're all here, and there's a load more besides on this massive travelogue of a record. For a band that is basically a part-time side-project for members of the likes of Electric Wizard and Mogwai, this is pretty damned astonishing.Crippled Black Phoenix is more than a mere side project, and includes a whole bunch of esteemed folks; Justin Greaves (Electric Wizard), Joe Volk and Andy Semmens and Kostas Panagiotou (of Panthiest).

Justin Greaves - Electric guitar, Drums, Saw, Keyboard, Acoustic guitar, Banjo, Effects, Samples, Washing up
Joe Volk - Voice, Acoustic guitar
Dominic Aitchison - Bass guitar, Effects
Kostas Panagiotou - Piano, Keyboards, Harmonium, Accordion
Charlotte Nichols - Cello, Voice

"It is the first of a trilogy and deals with the timelessness of honesty and tragedies laid bare, featuring sordid tales from the pages of literary history combined with personal stories of contemporary loss and love."

Born from a blizzard of horned cats, Crippled Black Phoenix bring you a twisted cinematic experience, handcrafted by a mercenary crew of musical outsiders, giving depth and gravity to regal songs about love, loss, tragedy and redemption. In 2006, during one of the hottest summers on record, the band recorded their debut album in Bristol and signed to Invada Records (run by Portishead's Geoff Barrow). The result is a collection of self-penned endtime ballads, a dark hybrid that is the culmination of all the members' eclectic influences. Using a blend of modern and Victorian era equipment, the band has produced a captivating, slow-burning sound that's both archaic and modern at the same


September 22, 2008

Stars - Sad Robots EP

Album: Sad Robots EP
Year: 2008
Genre:Indie, Alternative

sad robot

Stars are asking you if you're a sad robot. They want to know, because they're releasing their new EP, Sad Robots, through their spankin' new Sad Robots web site.The music for Sad Robot was written and recorded over the summer at Studio Plateau in Montreal, Quebec.
Stars are a Canadian indie pop band. Originally formed in Toronto in 2000 by vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboardist Chris Seligman, the band relocated to New York City and then subsequently to Montreal. The band also includes singer-guitarist Amy Millan and bassist Evan Cranley. Drummer Pat McGee has toured with the band for years, despite not appearing on their albums until the release of Set Yourself On Fire.

Violinist Genevieve Walker and guitarist Steve Ramsey (of Young Galaxy) have toured with the band in the past; neither are joining the band on their current tour, which features Alan Snoddy on guitar.

The band’s breakthrough single was “Ageless Beauty”, from their 2004 album Set Yourself on Fire. While released to minimal fanfare in Canada in October of 2004, Set Yourself on Fire slowly gained a strong following and critical praise soon after its 8 March 2005 U.S. release.

Johann Johannsson - Fordlandia

Artist:Johann Johannsson
Album: Fordlandia
Year: 2008
Genre:Neo-classical, Ambient, Electronica


The power of Beethoven and the beauty of our days.Listen to this absolute masterpiece of art!!

Jóhann Jóhannsson is an Icelandic-born musician, composer and producer. He also runs the record label Kitchen Motors in Reykjavík, the art organization/think tank/record label which specializes in instigating collaborations, promoting concerts and exhibitions, performances, chamber operas, producing films, books and radio shows based on the ideals of experimentation, collaboration and the search for new art forms. He has also written music for theatre, documentaries and soundtrack music for three feature films.Amazing..Highly Recommended!

Release Notes:

An American magnate builds a doomed utopia in the depths of
the Brazilian rainforest. A Victorian poetess laments the
death of Pan. A pagan rocket scientist blows himself up in his
Californian garage. A crippled German physicist draws up the
equations, which can make faster than light travel possible,
unseen by the rest of the world.

Jóhann Jóhannsson's spellbinding new album draws these
tantalizing threads together, weaving a musical tapestry of
hypnotic richness and surprising emotional depth.

Englabörn was derived from music that Johann wrote for an
Icelandic play using string quartet, piano, organ,
glockenspiel and percussion. These elements were processed and
manipulated, adding delicate electronic accents to the
otherwise entirely acoustic recordings. Virthulegu Forsetar
was a one hour-long piece for eleven brass players,
percussion, electronics, organs and piano. It shares
Englabörn's quiet, elegiac beauty, but replaces the brevity of
the first album's exquisite miniatures with an extended sweep
of sound that reveals a long, slow process of evolution.

Jóhann is involved in many different projects in his native
Iceland, including the all-analog Apparat Organ Quartet and
Kitchen Motors, the art organization/think tank/record label
which specializes in instigating collaborations and art
projects across diverse art forms. Among many other things, he
has also recently composed scores for the award-winning
animator Marc Craste (Varmints, 2008) and the American
independent film Personal Effects (David Hollander, 2008).

After IBM 1401, A User's Manual, Fordlândia is the second
installment in a proposed trilogy based on technology and
iconic American brand names. Whereas IBM 1401, A User's Manual
was a personal response to technology and its inevitable
obsolescence (inspired by his father's work with mainframe
computers in 1960s Iceland), Fordlândia springs out of a far
more diffuse set of influences. It brings together the soaring
grandeur of its predecessor – some sections were recorded with
the same orchestra in Prague – and the intimacy of Englabörn,
moving between heady, melting cadences and crystalline motifs
with gorgeous, dreamlike logic.

In short, Fordlândia is Jóhann Jóhannsson's most complete and
beautiful piece of music to date; a fascinating, immersive and
deeply rewarding web of ideas and melodies, which is sure to
win him a legion of new listeners.

The Ascent Of Everest - How Lonely Sits The City (Remastered Edition)

Artist:The Ascent Of Everest
Album: How Lonely Sits The City (Remastered Edition)
Year: 2008 (Studio Album, released in 2006)
Genre:Post - Rock
Country:United States

The Ascent of Everest formed in the spring of 2005 in the shadows of Music City USA (Nashville, Tennessee). Since then the band has embarked on two east coast tours and played dozens of regional shows in support of their 2006 release "How Lonely Sits the City" (the re-master of which will be released June 30, 2008 on the shells music label). Currently the six piece outfit is preparing to tour the UK and working on material for their next record.

“The songs communicate sentiments that simply cannot be put into words.”
– Performer Magazine

“The Ascent of Everest has created a unique sound full of swirling textures, intense and beautiful soundscapes, and exploding crescendos.”
– Panoptic Journalism Ltd.

“The Ascent of Everest performs music in the style of largely layered, epic, huge sounding instrumental rock. It’s like watching a movie score at times. They’ll be bringing their cellos, drum mallets, piano, and other various instruments along with them to 12th & Porter to play with Sparrows Swarm and Sing."

“The Ascent of Everest makes spacious, gradually swelling songs that bring to mind the drama and dynamics of Mogwai and GSYBE. The name alone should tell you something about their creative motives. A seven-piece string-heavy outfit who’s freely psychedelic post-rock is something like Dirty Three on acid. It was a hell of a show—these guys are Murfreesboro gold. With lush and slow-building songs, sparse vocals and a heavy-lidded female cellist, the band entertained the attentive, yet brooding, crowd. Several people wearing black scooted their chairs center stage and the subsequent hands-in-pockets style head nodding was not only justified, but sincere.”
– Nashville Scene

"Presentation is a key component to the work of The Ascent of Everest, and it readily switches forms from guitar driven segments to orchestral upwellings to thick atmospheric drone and ambiance. The segues are often huge and greatly overlapping, which results in some extremely cinematic or cathartic passages… Undoubtedly this is one of the better instrumental releases from the U.S. in 2006, if not the world at large."
– Jordan Volz

“9 out of 10”
“Top 40 Records of 2006”

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September 21, 2008

Mutyumu — Mutyumu

Rock, Experimental, Avantgarde, Symponic Metal, Piano

A quite original debut from this japanese band.

Mixing rock, metal and ambient music, with slight influences from folk music and jazz; this is a highly eclectic mix of tunes. The band has a well developed sense of drama, and are fond of mixing styles in individual tunes as well as creating variation from one tune to the next.


1. Koku 5:28
2. Zantetsu 4:44
3. Kronos Kairos 5:46
4. Fujyo Kouhuku Sanka 6:14
5. Sonzai No Kakuritsu 3:17
6. Madouin Mousou Tenshi Kyoku 4:55
7. Tetsu No Hanataba 8:53
8. Syosou Kuka Gengai No Sirabe 4:30
9. Rakuen 12:44
10. Mumu No Renzokukousa 1:41
11. Hakugoku No Yume 4:46
12. Tata 4:25


Ryota Yoda - guitars
Jyunpei Suda - drums
Hachisunoit - vocals
Yuko Ikenaga - keyboards
Chiaki Okamoto - violin, bass


September 19, 2008

Arvo Pärt - Alina

Artist:Arvo Pärt
Album: Alina
Year: 1999
Genre:Neo-classical, Minimalism


Arvo Pärt (born 11 September 1935 in Paide) is an Estonian composer, often identified with the school of minimalism and more specifically, that of “holy minimalism” or “sacred minimalism”. He is considered a pioneer of this style, along with contemporaries Henryk Górecki and John Tavener.

the fragile beauty of music..Utter perfection!!

"This is a remarkable release, both for its beauty and its novelty at programming. Für Alina is a two-minute solo piano piece composed by Pärt in l976 that ushered in his "tintinnabuli" style, that is, the bell-like, simple, no-notes-wasted method for which he has become beloved and famous. On this CD, pianist Alexander Malter plays it twice, as the second and fourth tracks; each iteration takes almost 11 minutes (Pärt assumed it would be embellished, and he chose this pair for the CD). There are minute variations in tempo, emphasis, and rubato from one to the other, but, all that being said, it amounts to 22 minutes of the most beautiful, contemplative music ever performed. Almost equally gentle is Spiegel im Spiegel, played as tracks 1, 3 and 5 and scored for piano and, respectively, violin, cello, and then violin again. The instruments mirror one another (Spiegel is German for mirror), with notes added to the scale with each repetition, and so on. Almost impossible to describe in its loveliness, each of the three sets is beautiful; the cello in track 3 gives it extra mellowness. This is music staggering in its simple complexity and a treat for the ear and heart." --Robert Levine
 site info

Planet Boelex - Suunta

Artist:Planet Boelex
Album: Suunta
Year: 2007
Genre:Electronica, Downtempo, Ambient
Bitrate:320 Kbps

Beautiful ambient and downtempo electronica from Planet Boelex an electronic music project originating from Finland.

"..each track having great style, flair and production and most important, each track a mini epic in itself. This time around we have a 'mini-lp' - 44 minutes of blissful works entitled Suunta (Direction) full of beautiful vibes, deep, atmospheric sounds, resounding basses with an analogue twist and those fabulous bleeps that Boelex is reknowned for. Throughout the release the highly polished results of many sleepless nights (right up to the day before release!) are apparent - this is a release to treasure, take a small taster and then dive right in.."

All his music is free and available to share under the Creative Commons 3 license so..

September 18, 2008

Spyweirdos And John Mourjopoulos With Floros Floridis - Epistrophy At Utopia (2008)

Artist: Spyweirdos And John Mourjopoulos With Floros Floridis
Album: Epistrophy At Utopia
Year: 2008


he three artists who have collaborated on the album are Spyros Polychronopoulos (Spyweirdo), who supplies the electronics and processing, acoustics professor and jazz musician John Mourjopoulos and jazz and improv artist Floros Floridis. The latter two provide various free jazz improvisations, which tend to the minimal, moodier end of the spectrum, on piano, double bass, clarinet, oboe and saxophone amongst other things, while Spyweirdo pulls all the pieces together and meshes them with his own brand of electronics into their completed forms.
This is quite a remarkable album. That it’s creators have been working in their various fields since the late 70s is apparent in the maturity and focus of the work, while there is a refreshing newness to the sounds which, inspite of the obvious use of homage, do not rely on nostalgia for their potency.


POLY QUARTET - perfumed dreams (2008)

Artist: Poly Quartet
Album: perfumed dreams
Year: 2008

colorez feliz

our Greek musicians meet each other in Holland...They work with various “multi-ethnic” groups for about 3 years until they form the Poly Quartet centred on the ‘Perfumed Dreams’ compositions of Andreas Polyzogopoulos. This is a cycle of compositions written in the course of the past three years: ten compositions inspired by Mediterranean aromas and the sound-colours of Northern Europe and sketching out the dreams that impassion our life, the dreams that enable us to believe in

Poly Quartet gets 1st place in "Motives For Jazz" Contest, Play Festival, Hasselt, Belgium.


September 14, 2008

Λουδοβίκος των Ανωγείων - Το Μεϊντάνι

Artist: Loudovikos ton Anoyíon
Album: To Meintani
Year: 1993

Loudovikos-Ποιο το χρώμα της Αγάπης

Loudovikos ton Anogeion with his gentle voice, the compelling lyricism of his songs and his emotionally sensitive arrangments have enchanted Greek audiences for years. His midnight concerts in historic settings have cult status, and his CDs habitually top the Greek charts, staying there for weeks.
His lyrics are inspired by his profound knowledge of the way of life, the feelings and the destiny of the people who live here. In the foreword to this edition, Loudovikos wrote: "Up here on the barren slopes of Mount Psiloritis, people listen to the spirit of the stones. We sing of unrequited love and the paths it takes. And we still sing of death in a deeply erotic way. The people of the mountains are closer to the heavens."

September 12, 2008

Matthew Robert Cooper - Miniatures

Artist:Matthew Robert Cooper
Album: Miniatures
Year: 2008
Genre:Piano, Ambient, Neo-classical, Minimal
Country:United States

Matthew Robert Cooper is widely known as Eluvium and less known to be a part of Concert Silence. He makes cinematic ambiental guitar and piano-based music.His first album under his own name is released by Gaarden Records and is called “Miniatures”. Nine short saturnian interludes make up the first proper vinyl release by the sound artist who has intrigued your collapsed antenna many times before as Eluvium, Matthew Robert Cooper. Atmospheric chamber music from the cardboard box vortex. Miniatures moves from swirling spatial feedback manipulations to stripped down minimal piano pieces and back while you watch from the curbside the ghostly parade.

Brian Eno's ambient echoes and drones mixed with piano and string themes of Philip Glass austerity?..

"..Nine short, simply numbered titled saturnian interludes make up the release of atmospheric chamber music from the cardboard box vortex. Miniatures moves from swirling spatial feedback manipulations to stripped down minimal piano pieces and back while you watch from the curbside the ghostly parade. Eluvium’s strength lies in creating music that evokes a whole host of emotions. As horns hold long notes over a twinkling sheen of keys, the opener unfurls slowly and sets the contemplative mood of the album. Like what follows, it’s produced as if the music were being transmitted from within the womb: Sounds ring out and bleed together. Such fuzzy edges don’t mean that the sound is muddied, though. Instead, they charge the music with an insular coherence.
With one foot in pop music and one in avant-garde composition, Cooper has crafted an album that is at once minimal while deceptively complex. These instrumentals command a listener’s attention but never stoop to pop-music gimmickry. They exist in another world altogether, adrift in an echoing atmosphere.."

Planet Boelex and Lisas Antenna - Little World

Artist:Planet Boelex and Lisas Antenna
Album: Little World
Year: 2008
Genre:Lounge, Piano, IDM, Chill-Out
Bitrate:256 Kbps (VBR)
Country:Finland - Sweden

Are you there?

A beautifull netaudio release from a new nordic netlabel called Soft Phase: an ep entitled 'Little world' produced by Planet Boelex (an electronic music project originating from Finland, started in 2004, consisting of only one member) in collaboration with a swedish singer/songwriter known as Lisa's Antenna creating exquisite, beautifully sequenced soundscapes around Lisa's lovely vocals and and minimal piano chords.

“The days are slowly becoming shorter, the leafs on the trees begin to change their colour,
the weather is getting colder, the autumn is approaching. We welcome you to the world of
Soft Phase netlabel with our first release, which is a collaboration between
two northern artists, Planet Boelex and Lisa’s antenna. The former you might know
from the past releases on Monotonik and Kahvi Collective, and we’d suspect you might learn
something about Lisa while listening to these songs. Enter Little World, journey into the
mysterious sound universe full of soft and sensitive vocals, lyrics that’ll tell you little
stories, backed up by the floating melodic atmospheres you’ve grown to expect from Planet
Boelex. Perfect for taking with you, while walking in the misty autumn evening, watching the
nature silently preparing for the coldness of the winter. Get yourself a nice cup of tea,
sit comfortably and let Little World’s songs surround you with warmth and emotion.”


Silent Ballet Compilation - Volume IX

Album: Silent Ballet Compilation - Vol.IX
Year: 2008
Genre:Instrumental, Ambient, Neo-classical
Bitrate:192 Kbps

Rudi Arapahoe - Conversation Piece

The Silent Ballet IX is an absolutely beautiful collection of tracks which delicately combine strings and orchestral sounds with minimal electronics in a quiet post-rock sensibility. the compilation maintains a very cohesive, classical-inspired sound; each carefully selected track is an exquisite composition on its own, which also perfectly compliments the others. from the repressed intensity of the Bersarin Quartett, to the plaintive strains of Redhooker, to the soaring violins and piano arpeggios of Bosques de mi Mente, this is dream music for your nights and days.


Track 1. The Dead Sea: Nulla Desiderata
TBA, 2008 TBA.

Track 2. Olafur Arnalds: Fok
Variations of Static, 2008 Erased Tapes Records.

Track 3. Anoice: Glitch
Out of Season, 2008 Ricco Label.

Track 4. Bersarin Quartett: Mehr Als Alles Andere
Bersarin Quartett, 2008 Lidar Productions.

Track 5. Emanuele Errante: Fecunda
Humus, 2008 Somnia Records.

Track 6. Peter Broderick: Atlantic
Unreleased, 2008 The Silent Ballet

Track 7. The Abbasi Brothers: The Social Evening (In 1992)
Music for Film and Dreams, 2008 Dynamophone Records.

Track 8. Sumner McKane: Doris
What a Great Place to Be, 2008 Don’t Hit Your Sister.

Track 9. Cam Butler: I Surrender
Dark Times (Symphony No. 2), 2008 Self-Released.

Track 10. Redhooker: Telling Time
TBA, 2008 TBA.

Track 11. Bosques de mi Mente: Nubes Apiladas en Forma de Montaas
Ruido Blanco, 2008 Self-Released.

Track 12. Rudi Arapahoe: Conversation Piece
Echoes from One to Another, 2008 Symbolic Interaction.

Track 13. Joe Frawley: Sketches from Memory
TBA, 2009 TBA.
Highly Recommended

September 11, 2008

Andrei Machado - Lacuna

Artist:Andrei Machado
Album: Lacuna
Year: 2008
Genre:Piano, Ambient, Neo-classical
Bitrate:256 Kbps

Andrei Machado is a Brazilian amateur musician and Lacuna is his debut album.In our blog Andrei found some of his influences(Peter Broderick, Max Richter, Alaska In The Winter, Balmorhea, Bosques De Mi Mente, Eluvium) and wanted to share his wonderfull work with us.Thank u Andrei for sharing your inspiring music with us!!
Minimal soundspaces but not boring,excellent touches of piano,simplicity and emotional airy melodies that leaves the listener in peace and beauty - the "Eu sei que sou fraco" is my favorite track :)Keep up the great work Andrei.Thanks again..Greetings from Greece!


September 10, 2008

Kafabindunya - Kafabindunya (demo)

Artist: Kafabindunya
Album: Kafabindunya (demo)
Year: 2006
Genre:Post - Rock

Kafabindunya is a post-rock, drone-metal, noise-rock band from Istanbul, Turkey.

The band is famous in underground scene because of their "hypnotic" live shows and shocking high volume. The band composes and plays instrumental music. According to the songwriter/guitarist Burc Tuncer, ordinary songs with lyrics limit the story that the listener imagines, by the lyrics of the songs. kafabindunya composes because they want the listener to imagine his/her own story and use their music as the soundtrack of their own fiction, by just limiting the edges of their imagination with -only- the names of the songs.
In 2006, the band opened the phonem by miller festival as the support band of Mogwai. The band continues to play live locally.

All in all, "kafabindunya" is now an art project, more than an avant-garde band. Sometimes they produce visual material in harmony with their audible material. Their live shows are like not only a rock band performing in the stage, but also an experience awaiting you to experiment.

Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue

Artist: Nina Simone
Album: Little Girl Blue
Year: 1957
Genre:Jazz, Soul
Country:United States

Don't smoke in bed

Little Girl Blue is the debut album by singer/pianist/songwriter Nina Simone (1933–2003) for Bethlehem Records. It was also released as Jazz As Played in an Exclusive Side Street Club. Nina was in her early twenties at the time of this album, and still aspiring to be a classical concert pianist.

"Little Girl Blue, released in 1957, was Nina Simone's first recording, originally issued on the Bethlehem label. Backed by bassist Jimmy Bond and Albert "Tootie" Heath, it showcases her ballad voice as one of mystery and sensuality and showcases her up-tempo jazz style with authority and an enigmatic down-home feel that is nonetheless elegant.
The album also introduced a fine jazz pianist. Simone was a solid improviser who never strayed far from the blues. Check the opener, her reading of Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo," which finger-pops and swings while keeping the phrasing deep-blue. It is contrasted immediately with one of the -- if not the -- definitive reads of Willard Robison's steamy leave-your-lover ballad "Don't Smoke in Bed." The title track, written by Rodgers & Hart, features "Good King Wenceslas" as a classical prelude to one of the most beautiful pop ballads ever written. It is followed immediately by the funky swing in "He Needs Me" with a smoking little piano solo in the bridge where Bach meets Horace Silver and Bobby Timmons. It's also interesting to note that while this was her first recording, the record's grooves evidence an artist who arrives fully formed; many of the traits Simone displayed throughout her career as not only a vocalist and pianist but as an arranger are put on first notice here. "My Baby Just Cares for Me" has a stride shuffle that is extrapolated on in the piano break. Her instrumental and improvising skills are put to good use on Tadd Dameron's "Good Bait," which is transformed into something classical from its original bebop intent. "You'll Never Walk Alone" feels more like some regal gospel song than the Rodgers & Hammerstein show tune it was. Of course, one of Simone's signature tunes was her version of "I Loves You, Porgy," which appears here for the first time and was released as a single. Her own "Central Park Blues" is one of the finest jazz tunes here, and it is followed with yet another side of Simone's diversity in her beautiful take on the folk-gospel tune "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," with quiet and determined dignity and drama. Another of her instrumentals compositions, "African Mailman," struts proud with deep Afro-Caribbean roots and rhythms."For The Love Of Soul Jazz - TheDadDyMan

September 6, 2008

Mono - You Are There

Album: You Are There
Year: 2006
Genre:Post - Rock, Experimental

Another amazing release by one of the best post-rock bands! This isn't vastly different from their other stuff, but there is something particularly of note about this album: the excellent use of strings!Mono are a post-rock group from Tokyo, Japan. The songs, all of which are instrumental, are usually focused on layered guitar melodies. Strings and pianos are also prominently featured in some songs. Mono are known for their powerful live shows and their complex guitar work. Their first EP, titled “Hey, you” appeared in September, 2000. So far, they have released four full albums: “Under The Pipal Tree”, “One Step More And You Die”, “Walking cloud and deep red sky, Flag fluttered and the sun shined” and “You Are There”. They also have several other records, including a remix album, a collaborative split record with Pelican, an album collaborating with World’s end girlfriend and another EP, titled “Memorie dal Futuro”. For more information, visit their Official Website.
This band isn't heavy like Black Sabbath. They're heavy like Beethoven.
"‘Review’, the term is, in this instance, ridiculous. From a matter-of-fact point of view, every note here has been realised previously, not least of all by Mono themselves, yet with each passing second You Are There digs that bit deeper into your chest, into my chest, wriggling its way through sinewy muscle and brittle bone ‘til it’s such a part of you – me – that to offend it, to remove it, would surely result in an effect adverse to one’s health. It burrows slyly, as have its predecessors, so that come that first play you might even be of the opinion that what you’ve invested in is somehow clichéd; that it’s something that plays by the rules so well that it can’t possibly work on any emotional level. I thought that way for all of three minutes, one morning, on my way to the station. By the time I took my seat on the train I was so enraptured that the next hour passed by me in a second. I can’t recount to you specifics, what songs really had me over a knee, bending to receive. Wait, that’s all wrong, the imposing analogy; the idea that these songs force the listener into a submission. I’ll retract a few steps: Mono is the blueprint, you are the builder; you've the wheel but they've the pedals, and their ABC is all backwards as a turn approaches. Really, the destination to which these songs point is absolutely dependent on the listener’s own feelings at that single moment. Be they short – the delicate grace of ‘The Remains Of The Day’ – or anything but – opener ‘The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain’ is one of some that breach ten minutes with such ease that no patience is ever tried – these songs will be the catalyst to some metaphysical journey. You’ll rethink that ultimatum you issued to a borderline-former friend once held so dear last week; perhaps, even, you’ll realise that the actions of another that left you hurt weren’t entirely without reason, that your interests are in balance with those of another. In short, you’ll think clearly, concisely, bereft of the clogged cloudscape that so often blinds opinion. Part those clouds, see actuality in its glory, hold my hand and I’ll shadow you every step of the way if need be; I’ll wander these corridors too, feeling with fingertips, gladly, smiling to no one but myself as vision becomes redundant. The dark’s there to explore: close your eyes and it’s no so intimidating. Close your eyes and the entire world gets that bit bigger…"

Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur

Artist:Cinematic Orchestra
Album: Ma Fleur
Year: 2007
Genre:Nu jazz,



ou’re longing to be transported somewhere – preferably to that realm of euphoria to which critics testified in their ardent praise of previous Orchestra efforts
In interviews, Orchestra main-man Jason Swinscoe has described Ma Fleur as the soundtrack for an ‘imagined film’.
On an emotional level Ma Fleur is far too acute and dreadfully artificial. Soundwise it’s dreary and directionless – most unlikely to secure your affection.
(from bbc-music)


September 4, 2008

Ginormous - At Night, Under Artificial Light (2008)

Artist:Bryan Konietzko
Album: At Night, Under Artificial Light
Year: 2008

At Night, Under Artificial Light

Besides producing artificial beats in his studio, Konietzko is also a co-creator and executive producer for Avatar: The Last Airbender, an Emmy award-winning animated television series that lasted three seasons on Nickelodeon (Headphone Commute)

Extremely digital and artificial in all its glory



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