December 14, 2008

The Raconteurs-Consolers of the Lonely (2008)

The Raconteurs-Consolers of the Lonely (2008)

Carolina drama


or a prior generation, the "supergroup" was usually the province of long-winded jamming, but the Raconteurs — the secondary band fronted by the White Stripes' Jack White and singer-songwriter Brendan Benson, featuring the Greenhornes' rhythm section, bassist Jack Lawrence and drummer Patrick Keeler — are a far tighter proposition.

All four were friends living in Detroit before the band's formation, and in 2005, when White and Benson got together and wrote "Steady, as She Goes," and decided to cut it with Lawrence and Keeler, they decided to form a new group. Broken Boy Soldiers (Number Seven, 2006), the quartet's debut, was recorded in Benson's Detroit home studio throughout 2005. "Steady, as She Goes" went to Number One on the Modern Rock chart, and the group hit the festival trail throughout 2006. Their second album, Consolers of the Lonely (Number Seven, 2008), was subject to an unusual release schedule: its existence was announced only one week before it arrived in stores, in order to circumvent the usual review/hype cycle. It yielded the hit "Salute Your Solution," which went to Number Four on the Modern Rock chart. Once again the Raconteurs played a number of festivals in Europe and the U.S., including Glastonbury, Coachella and Bonnaroo. (Rolling

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December 11, 2008

Bohren & Der Club of Gore- Dolores

Artists:Bohren & Der Club of Gore
Album: Dolores
Year: 2008
Genre:Avantgarde, Ambient, Jazz, Minimalism

Formed in the German city of Mülheim an der Ruhr in 1992, Bohren & Der Club of Gore (their name is partly an homage to the 80s Dutch noisecore band Gore) set out with the self-proclaimed intention of processing a love of rock's more extreme forms into 'doom-ridden jazz music'. This mission has resulted in five albums of oppressive intensity, but with Dolores a silver strip of dawn can be seen at the edge of their louring sky.

The similarities are less constant on Dolores, but it remains impossible to listen to Bohren (which means 'drilling' in German) without being reminded of David Lynch and his composer Angelo Badalamenti. Try listening to second track 'Karin' and its sultry combination of vibes, brushed drums and humming bass without thinking of Audrey's dance in the Double R diner in Twin Peaks. Even when their methods aren't so similar, Bohren still tap into precisely the same wee small hours blend of sexuality, battered glamour, mournfulness and undefined threat that Badalamenti's compositions evoke.

'Dolores' is a stunning, mesmerising 60 minute journey that lurks beneath the surface, confusing, confounding and oddly uplifting all at once.
0Carefully chosen, strained notes of either a guitar or piano, punctuated by periodic thumps of a bass drum, create a moody atmosphere with an underlying sense of positivity or rebirth. And thanks to production that is crisp and clean, it is recommended that you dig out those pricier headphones to fully experience the unique sound experience of Delores.

This album is not recommended for those who are depressed. However, if you are looking for some background music to plow through that Camus novel, or just generally in a contemplative mood, then Dolores is the perfect album for you

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Harmonium- Si On Avait Besoin D'une Cinquième Saison

Album: Si On Avait Besoin D'une Cinquième Saison
Year: 1975
Genre:Symphonic Folk, Progressive Rock
Bitrate:220 Kbps


Harmonium was one of the most influential rock bands from Quebec. Lead vocalist and guitarist Serge Fiori met Michel Normandeau (vocals and guitar) in a theatre music meeting. Later on in 1973 they met bassist Louis Valois and became Harmonium.

---Folk prog masters from Canada HARMONIUM released several brilliant albums in the 70's with "Si on avait..." representing perhaps my favourite of all of thier releases. HARMONIUM's music tends to resonate on the light side of things with its brilliant and crisp piano accents and happy like guitar passages. Songs are highly acoustic in nature and at times take on a folk-jazz attitiude only to be enriched by the flute, harpsichord and mellotron throughout. Vocals are well done and suit the music quite well (they are in French).

---The best canadian album ever. Quite a statement, but this is honestly way better than Neil Young or Rush or... The Guess Who. The music on this album is
just so perfect. It starts out with Vert, which might be the best song on the album starts out with this trippy echoing flute and then goes int ... (read more)

---For me, with a classical education background, this albums first impression was a disappointment.
Prog should not be elevator music, to be used as musak. And inspired with romantic melodic themes,
solely played with non-rythmical instruments, I would not concider it prog rock. Prog rock claim ... (read more)

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December 10, 2008

Geskia - Silent 77

Album: Silent 77 

Year: 2008 
Genre:Electronica, IDM
Bitrate:192 Kbps

The stunning debut album by Geskia’s "Silent 77", isunquestionably a masterpiece of Japanese underground hip hop and breakbeats. Silent 77 is hugely inspired by a picturesque setting sun that has been imprinted into Geskia's musical mind. The awe-inspiring magnitude of evening sun ray that covered a quiet town where the curtain of night was slowly falling down, is remarkably reproduced in his dazzling energized beats and noisy beautiful pad. Geskia, through his distinctive music style, beautifully reinterpreted, with strong heartfelt emotion, the silent speed and soundless energy that relayed by the overwhelming yellowish sunbeams and the contrasted loneliness of the little town. Many of these sophisticated inner feelings of human and complex musical interpretations are expressed precisely by mesmerizing programming skill possessed by Geskia.

"Japanese producer Geskia has fashioned an impressive hour's worth of advanced underground hip hop and post-IDM electronica on this enormously enjoyable release for the Flaü label. The real strength of this music lies in the sophisticated, densely layered beats that keep Silent '77 thumping along with a powerfully constructed elegance. You might compare the high-gloss sheen of these productions to the strongest output of Telefon Tel Aviv, or perhaps Sketchshow's excellent Loophole album from a few years back. You could easily place this among the finest releases on labels like Hefty and Merck, so comprehensively does it integrate forward-thinking beat programming with melodic electronic backdrops, incorporating the near ambient soundscapes of 'Gate Musick' to the addictive electric pianos and drum chaos of 'Over The Three Rainbows'. Anyone craving high quality electronica (in an age when the entire genre seems to have ceased business) should take a listen to Silent '77 - it's a very contemporary take on a sound that seems to have been prematurely written off. Recommended."(

December 9, 2008

Peter Gabriel+Various Artists-Big Blue Ball (2008)

Artist:Peter Gabriel+Friends
Album: Big Blue Ball
Year: 2008
Genre:Rock, World
Bitrate:192 Kbps

Whole Thing

Big Blue Ball is an album by multiple artists which grew from "recording weeks" at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in the early 1990s.

After all these years, it's a fine wine ready to be drunk," says Peter Gabriel, "It was the most fun music making I've ever had. I'd love to do it again."


December 6, 2008

Agalloch - The White EP

Album: The White EP
Year: 2008
Genre:Ambient - folk, Neo-folk, Symphonic/Folk Metal
Bitrate:160 Kbps
Country:United States

Hailing from the misty forests of Portland Oregon, Agalloch has earned themselves a substantial cult following with their blend of atmospheric black metal that incorporates folk and ambient elements, producing several critically acclaimed albums and EPs over the last decade. The White EP continues on with the band’s distinguished tradition with a renewed emphasis on the neo-folk aspect of their sound, mostly relying on acoustic guitars, hushed vocals and atmospheric effects to get to black heart of this dark genre.

The White EP is essentially calls for a return to nature, as the songs conjure images of snow covered wilderness (”Birch White”), contemplative seclusion (”Isle of Summer”) and paganism’s worship of the elements (”Sowilo Rune”). The whole experience, made complete with natural sound effects like chirping and rustling, is meditative and comforting, conveying a deep and eternal connection with our natural surroundings. The delicate piano lines that grace the final two tracks carefully lead us out of the forest and into the cold twilight, confirming that Agalloch’s intentions give credence to emotional appeals rather than sheer volume. The White EP, steeped in mellow atmosphere and naturalistic overtones, vividly captures the haunting beauty of winter. While these songs never reach the chilling climaxes the band has conquered on their previous full lengths, they still manage to build on the folk traditions that make their sound seem so natural and unique. It will interesting to see where the new paths explored here will lead to on their next LP. Recommended.

December 5, 2008

Transparent Lilies (Diafana Krina) - And love again will call

Artist:Transparent Lilies (Diafana Krina)
Album: And love again will call
Year: 2008
Genre:Rock, Alternative

Κι αν έσβησε σαν ίσκιος..

iafana Krina were created in 1991. Their name stands for “transparent lilies” in Greek. Their music is similar to bands like Tindersticks and Sigur Ros. In 1994, they released their first single ‘Λιώνοντας μόνος-κάτω από το ηφαίστειο’ (Greek for “Melting alone-under the volcano”) by Wipe Out. They followed in 1996 with the LP ‘Έγινε η απώλεια συνήθειά μας’. In 1997, they participated in the ‘Rock of Gods’ festival in Athens together with The Sisters of Mercy and New Model Army. In 1998, they released their second LP ‘Κάτι σαράβαλες καρδιές’ and performed in several concerts around Greece including acting as support for the Tindersticks Athens concert. In 2000, they released a single ‘Είναι που όλα ήρθαν αργά’ and album ‘Ευωδιάζουν αγριοκέρασα οι σιωπές’. In 2001 they appeared in three concerts in the UK (London at Dingwalls, Manchester at The Roadhouse and Brighton at Concorde 2). In 2003, the LP ‘Ο,τι απόμεινε απ’ την ευτυχία’ was released, followed by the 2005 instumental LP ‘Ο γύρος της μέρας σε 80 κόσμους’ (Greek for “Around the day in 80 worlds”, inspired by the title of Jules Verne’s famous story Around The World In 80 Days) which was released together with a book containing poetry and tales.
The lead singer has a rich baritone with a natural vibrato, which has led to comparisons with English-language singers such as Stewart Staples of Tindersticks(a group that Diafana Krina opened for in an Athens concert in 2003), or perhaps Leonard Cohen or Lee Hazelwood.

***DECEMBER 2008 New Album***
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Κι αν έσβησε σαν ίσκιος..(making of)

ατζέντα συναυλιών

* Μύλος (Θεσσαλονίκη)
Σα 6 Δεκεμβρίου 2008

* Music House (Ιωάννινα)
Κυ 7 Δεκεμβρίου 2008

* Live στο Κύτταρο (Αθήνα)
Πα 16 Ιανουαρίου 2009

* Live στο Κύτταρο (Αθήνα)
Σα 17 Ιανουαρίου 2009
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December 2, 2008

9 Songs - Michalis Tzouganakis (SECRETA MUSICA Compilation)

Artists:Michalis Tzouganakis
Album: a SECRETA MUSICA Compilation
Year: 2008
Genre:World, Tradiotional

Michalis Tzouganakis - Μιχάλης Τζουγανάκης is an artist of rare and magical passion and emotion, even in the realms of Cretan traditional music, so renowned for exuding feeling like tears from a mourner’s eyes

Michalis Tzouganakis was born to Sfakian parents away from Crete, the island they loved so much. Mihalis was born in the city of Bergen in Belgium, where he lived among many immigrant families with his seven bothers and sisters. He grew up in a very traditional Cretan family environment, where he was immersed in the music, cuisine and culture of Crete. His childhood was spent among the immigrants of Greek, Moroccan, Egyptian, Italian & Polish descent, further enriching his exotic heart. At the young age of two years old, he was mesmerized by the laouto that hung on his older brother’s wall. He was adamant to learn to play the laouto, and with the help of his brother, who would hold the laouto, young Mihalis would pluck the strings, falling in love with the sweet and melancholy voice of the laouto. By the age of four he was able to captivate listeners with the music he would sing and play on the laouto. At the age of nine the family return to their beloved Kriti, where Tsouganakis began playing with local Cretan musicians and performing at festivals and celebrations. Audiences were awed by this young boy’s intensity when he played and sang, and around the age of eleven, he was approached by Giannis Sergakis and Vangelis Zaharioudakis who invited him to play with them professionally. It was at this age that he had the opportunity to enter the recording studio for the first time with Vangelis Zaharioudakis, one of our beloved Cretan musicians. Only a few years later, some of Crete’s greatest masters of the lyra wished to perform with Tsouganakis, at the age of thirteen. With the great Leonidas Klados, Tsouganakis had the blessing of writing the lyrics and playing Leonidas’ compositions alongside him. For five years they were to play and tour together throughout Crete and Athens. They are respected and admired Cretan musicians. Shortly after he began performing with the gifted Kostas Moundakis, a beloved Cretan musician; a lyraris who has created some of Crete’s most touching songs; blessing the island with his passionate voice and lyra. Tsouganakis and Moundakis travelled as far as Canada with their tours together. Over the years they played together frequently, Tsouganakis even recording with Moundakis in 1990 on what would be Moundakis’ last recording.

Tsouganakis’ passion for music led him to play the laouto, lyra, mandolin, outi, sazi, boulgari and cumbus. He took formal singing lessons at the Conservatorium of Athens for two years.
With his band Tsouganakis has recorded his own albums and played all over the world. He has performed Greece, Germany, America, Belgium and Canada. During his travels he also played with different bands abroad.
Over the course of his career Tsouganakis has played with many respected musicians, and has had the opportunity to create some truly magical music. Such as his collaboration with Nikos Mamagkakis where they create Ta Tragoudia Tis Palia Polis The Songs Of The Old City, A beautiful synergy of Cretan musicians, singing the beautiful words of Rethymnian poet Giorgos Kalomenopoulos.

Tsouganakis combined the modern approach in letting a song dictate its own voice, unbound to the confines of traditional music, yet his music is infused with the depth, pace and emotion of the Rizitika.

Michalis Tzouganakis is a true artist, a blessing to the soul of Cretan music.
Ο Μιχάλης Τζουγανάκης ξεκίνησε πολύ μικρός την καλλιτεχνική του πορεία και συνεχίζει ακόμα να κάνει αυτό που αγάπησε από παιδί. Να παίζει και να τραγουδά γυρίζοντας τον κόσμο με την μπάντα του, έχοντας πάντα τα μάτια της ψυχής του στραμμένα στη Κρήτη... H προσωπική αισθητική του δυνατού performer και η εσωτερική του μουσική θέαση δημιουργούν ηχοχρώματα που υπερβαίνουν το κρητικό ιδίωμα και χαράζουν δρόμους μουσικούς που ταυτόχρονα εκπλήσσουν , καθηλώνουν και εκστασιάζουν το κοινό!

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***NEW CD DECEMBER 2008***


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