May 31, 2008

Grails - Take Refuge In Clean Living

Album: Take Refuge In Clean Living
Year: 2008
Genre:Post - Rock, Experimental, Instrumental
Country:United States

Grails are an American instrumental rock band from Portland, Oregon.The Grails fifth full-length picks up right where Burning Off Impurities left off and goes even further. Their instrumental land of improvised grooves, trance-like drones, Eastern modes and melodies, psychedelic textures, and above all, their very forward moving post-rock music, is unlike Pelican's or Mogwai's; it doesn't resemble Isis' or Godspeed You Black Emperor!'s. The Grails' brand of guitar-centric instrumental music is not given to simply building crescendos. Instead, it is interested in exploring the outer reaches of groove, space, and texture. It seems to be focused on how much they can pack into a given tune to make things like space and time disintegrate in the mind of the listener.

"...there are a few bands around that could be defined as post-rock, or just instrumental music if you wish, still aiming for the unknown, the exciting and adventurous. Grails, out of Portland, Oregon definately is such a band, combining a heavy stoner groove sensibility with added Eastern melodies to create a purple shrouded post-rock den.
“Take Refuge in Clean Living”, their fifth full length release, is a perfect example of an improving band, eager to learn from previous adventures while still adding different moves along the way.

If the title didn’t tell you already, “Stoned at the Taj Again”, is the album’s perfect opener. A heavy bass riff plodding along at mid-tempo while the band’s two guitarists lay out a web of swirling fingerpicked melodies. The breakdown in the middle is exemplary for a band like Grails, there’s no rushing, everything is based on groove and rhythm rather than build up and crescendo.

Their previous effort, “Burning Off Impurities”, already displayed Grails as more than just a post-rock band. And again, on this album, the mishmash of raga like drones that start off “11th Hour” and “Take Refuge”, the complex rhythms and fusion like drumming of Emil Amos (who joined OM recently) and the heady vibe throughout make Grails almost unclassifiable. There’s no boundaries, just adventure. And for us, listeners, there are big pay offs, like the massive organ sounds that enter “Take Refuge” halfway to transform the track into a ridiculously rewarding spacegroove. Just hop on that cloud, inhale a bit of that smoke and zone out to those grooves man."(

Transparent Lilies (Diafana Krina) - Silence Gives the Odour of Wild Cherries

Artist:Transparent Lilies (Diafana Krina)
Album: Silence Gives the Odour of Wild Cherries
Year: 2000
Genre:Rock, Alternative

Diafana Krina were created in 1991. Their name stands for “transparent lilies” in Greek. Their music is similar to bands like Tindersticks and Sigur Ros. In 1994, they released their first single ‘Λιώνοντας μόνος-κάτω από το ηφαίστειο’ (Greek for “Melting alone-under the volcano”) by Wipe Out. They followed in 1996 with the LP ‘Έγινε η απώλεια συνήθειά μας’. In 1997, they participated in the ‘Rock of Gods’ festival in Athens together with The Sisters of Mercy and New Model Army. In 1998, they released their second LP ‘Κάτι σαράβαλες καρδιές’ and performed in several concerts around Greece including acting as support for the Tindersticks Athens concert. In 2000, they released a single ‘Είναι που όλα ήρθαν αργά’ and album ‘Ευωδιάζουν αγριοκέρασα οι σιωπές’. In 2001 they appeared in three concerts in the UK (London at Dingwalls, Manchester at The Roadhouse and Brighton at Concorde 2). In 2003, the LP ‘Ο,τι απόμεινε απ’ την ευτυχία’ was released, followed by the 2005 instumental LP ‘Ο γύρος της μέρας σε 80 κόσμους’ (Greek for “Around the day in 80 worlds”, inspired by the title of Jules Verne’s famous story Around The World In 80 Days) which was released together with a book containing poetry and tales.

The lead singer has a rich baritone with a natural vibrato, which has led to comparisons with English-language singers such as Stewart Staples of Tinderbox (a group that Diafana Krina opened for in an Athens concert in 2003), or perhaps Leonard Cohen or Lee Hazelwood.

"…And even if I get gloomy my love, don’t be afraid of me, because silence gives off a sweet smell of wild cherries"

"I can remember a time, not long ago, when every album in my collection that had lyrics was in English. I scoffed at the idea of rock music in other languages. Remember those Russian metal bands of the glasnost era? Exactly. In recent months, however, my chauvinism has been ruthlessly chiseled away. First Sigur Ros, and now Diafana Krina have proven to me that anglophony is not a prerequisite for making great music.
Diafana Krina may be Greek, but don't look for bouzoukis here. The band is composed of a standard five-piece lineup, with Thanos Anestopoulos, the singer, doubling on keyboards and guitarist Nick Bardis blowing a mean trumpet. The instrumentation is, however, the only thing about this album that is standard.
Silence Gives The Odour of Cherries is the band's third full-length, and it finds the group at the height of their powers. Their sound is one part The Cure and two parts Bends-era Radiohead, shaken lightly and poured out in layers of breathtaking audio bliss. They play guitar lines that Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood would be proud to call his own. Anestopolous' voice is a rich baritone, which can on occasion sound a bit overly emphatic, but which generally meshes well with the rest of the band. The songs start in a tight knot, then explode into grand, expansive musical cries; they play off of each other in complex and ever-shifting ways, the product of more than a decade of recording music together.
Like Sigur Ros, the group tends to favor heroic song lengths; the album's twelve tracks fill more than seventy-three minutes, and as with the aforementioned Icelandic sensations, the music justifies its length. Often a theme will sprout out of nowhere in the fifth minute of a song, completely changing the melody, and then rejoining it to the original line. This is music made by people who take music seriously without making it overly-intellectual.
Unfortunately, my monolinguality prevents me from commenting on the lyrics. Based on the group's other aspects, I suspect that they're good. Still, it's tough adjusting to the fact that the beautifully-printed lyric booklet will have to remain (ahem) Greek to me."(

May 30, 2008

Mercedes Sosa - Canciones con Fundamento

Artist:Mercedes Sosa
Album: Canciones con Fundamento
Year: 1965

Mercedes Sosa (born 9 July 1935) is an Argentine singer immensely popular throughout Latin America. With her roots in Argentine folk music, she became one of the preeminent exponents of nueva canción. Sosa is greatly admired for the depth and beauty of her contralto voice. She is nicknamed "La Negra" by her fans for her long, jet-black hair. She is best known as the voice of the "voiceless ones". (from wikipedia)

May 28, 2008

Atahualpa Yupanqui - L'Integrale Vol.4

Artist:Atahualpa Yupanqui
Album: L'Integrale Vol.4
Year: 1992


Atahualpa Yupanqui was an Argentine singer, songwriter, guitarist, and writer. He is considered the most important Argentine folk musician of the 20th century.

May 27, 2008

Russian Circles - Station

Artist:Russian Circles
Album: Station
Year: 2008
Genre:Post - Rock, Post - Metal
Country:United States

Russian Circles is a three piece instrumental post-metal/post-rock band from Chicago. Similar to fellow Chicago residents Pelican, Russian Circles play epic, sprawling music which runs the gamut of heavy discordant metal, to soft delicate passages.Russian Circles, ably balances lovely clean-channel melodies and big-assed riffs alike. Its deft combinations of interwoven harmonies, rhythmic grooves, and nod-inducing drum work, along with its substantial ability to structure all-instrumental jams, make the standard-practice eight-minute tune feel much closer to four.

May 26, 2008

Dead Can Dance - The Serpent's Egg

Artist:Dead Can Dance
Album:The Serpent's Egg
Year: 1988
Genre:Ethereal Wave

Dead Can Dance is a band that comprises Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. Formed in Melbourne in 1981

The album was the last produced during the time of Perry and Gerrard's amorous relationship. Much of the album was recorded in a multi-story apartment block in the Isle of Dogs area of London.
more on Wikipedia..

May 24, 2008

Muse-Absolution (2003)

Year: 2003
Genre:Alternative Rock
Country:United Kingdom

The album is built around the theme of the end of the world, and reactions to that situation; despite this, Muse described it as an "uplifting" album, with a positive message coming through in songs such as "Blackout" and "Butterflies and Hurricanes". The apocalyptic theme draws from Bellamy’s interest in conspiracy theories, theology, science, and the supernatural.
more on Wikipedia..

Dday One - Heavy Migration

Artist:Dday One
Album: Heavy Migration
Year: 2008
Genre:Trip -hop
Country:United States

Kickin drums and very beautiful melancholic guidelines.

DDay_One was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He has a double major in hip-hop as a turntablist and samplist. He also has a minor in graffiti art (as do most b-boys), noticeable by his signature. His obsession with manipulating vinyl records started in the early 1990..s, when at the age of 11 he began exploring the depths of Los Angeles's thrift shops and record stores.

All Angels Gone - Quietly

Artist:All Angels Gone
Album: Quietly
Year: 2004
Genre:Post - Rock, Experimental

All Angels Gone is a French post-rock band from Paris formed in 2001.Dark, somber, eerie and beautifully melodic.

Paris is one of most imaginary places on the planet. Whether or not you’ve even step foot in the city, the name alone stuffs your head with images of high culture, pacifism, or ostentatious flamboyancy. Following suit, the instrumental music scene is about as varied as the stereotypical images we project on their culture, from electronic smoothie makers M83 to the orchestrated metal of Don’t Look Back. While the two aforementioned bands, among a grid of others, produce a sound eclectic and offbeat in nature, All Angels Gone venture down a path that defines the sweet, dark underbelly of Parisian culture perfectly—at least for this writer— your typical American music snob..more

French Teen Idol - French Teen Idol

Artist:French Teen Idol
Album: French Teen Idol
Year: 2005
Genre:Ambient, Post - Rock, Electronica

Beautifully crafted organic sounding, slow-motion ambient-electronica.

French Teen Idol is an instrumental solo-project run by the Roman artist Andrea Di Carlo.

An elegant mix of post-rock and electronic influences, French Teen Idol’s music provides the listener with cinematic landscapes, dramatic crescendos and striking vocal samples.
Lovers of Sigur Rós, M83, God Is an Astronaut and The Album Leaf may appreciate French Teen Idol’s musical proposal.
On 29th May, 2005, French Teen Idol’s self-titled debut album “French Teen Idol” has been released by the Canadian netlabel Nishi.Meticulous harmonies and a fine sense of dynamics pervade this self-titled album.


May 23, 2008

Abakus - That Much Closer to the Sun

Album: That Much Closer to the Sun
Year: 2004
Genre:Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica
Country:United Kingdom

A brilliant piece of music by Abakus. Just every single track brings really interesting melodic as well as rythmic elements. Some tunes are rather chilled, suited for a sunset on the beach :) - few others are more on the downtempo electro side. Real nice composition all in all.

"Liquid Sound Design have raised the bar even higher with the release of Abakus’s (aka Russell Davies) exquisite debut album ‘That Much Closer To The Sun’….. a perfect title for an album that literally does put some sunshine in your life after that first listen.

Superbly produced and laden with melodies and hooks ‘Closer to the Sun’ delivers on all fronts. Across eleven tracks Russell Davies has created an album that simply ‘works’ from start to finish, from the Balearic joy Nightwalker, to the recent single Indu plus future classics A Whole New Way & Magenta, the album is choca with musical gems.

The 12" Indu (with shiloh remix) has been getting support and plays from Digweed, Nick Warren, Phil Thompson and Hybrid who called it "outstanding!". The unusal hybrid track has bridged musical genres and sits equally at home on the dancefloor as it does at home....
As well Abakus, Russell Davies moonlights as one half Nada (LSD) and remixes the likes of The Orb and Kooler. Citing a variety of music influences from breaks to trance, progressive to dub, Russell has puts them all into the musical melting pot and created an album that defies pigeon holing."(

Fazil Say - Black Earth

Artist:Fazil Say
Album: Black Earth
Year: 2003
Genre:Neo - classical, Piano

Check out this performance from Fazil Say, a world-renowned Turkish pianist and composer. Fazil Say is guest of the New York Philharmonic, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, Concertgebouw Orchestra, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, BBC Philharmonic, the Orchestre National de France, Munich Philharmonic and many other leading orchestras worldwide.

‘Black Earth’ is a CD which is exceptionally hard to classify. Is it jazz? Is it classical? I think the answer is neither. What makes for such an enjoyable listen is just how different it is from so much music being performed today. Even though each work - and, if truth be told, each movement - has its own unique style, every note on this disc has the imprint of Fazil Say’s distinctive compositional style. It is this that separates a great composer from a mere methodologist. Coupled with Say’s unfaltering piano technique and musical ingenuity, I believe with all honesty that Fazil Say could, as Le Figaro put it, become ”one of the great artists of the twenty-first century”.

Eric Wollo - Emotional Landscapes

Artist:Eric Wollo
Album: Emotional Landscapes
Year: 2003
Genre:Ambient, Instrumental, Electronica

Beautifully sparse and evocative soundscapes perfect for whatever cerebral tasks one may be embarked upon. Subtle melodies meld with cool auras and unimposing textures in an entirely satisfying love letter from Europe's far northern latitudes.It is great for those times of contemplation, creativity or meditation. The music is outstanding, multi-layered and diverse. This is not a drone-like dirge. It is more like a series of interesting walks along the beach, with and without people.

Erik Wollo (born 1961) is a Norwegian composer and musician, guitarist and synthesist. He has been a professional artist since 1980. His musical background covers a wide range of styles from rock and jazz, to experimental electronic and classical music.
The title is underwhelming, but the music is an ecstatic journey traversing aurora borealis spacescapes and quiet ambient moods. Erik Wollo is a Norwegian guitarist and synthesist out of the Mike Oldfield tradition, building a 21st century orchestra layering acoustic, electric, and synthesized guitars. A musician with a delicate touch, Wollo sometimes builds quiet lines out of violin-like sustains that echo in space soliloquies. While his rhythms rarely get above a slow-chill, Wollo's solos often burn with a dark intensity. Tracks like "Second Totem" have a quiet heroism about them, the sound of impending adventure. "Sounds of the Seen, Pt.1," one of the more dynamic tracks, begins as a haunting adagio for cello, before launching into a crushing electronica assault that ends in the sound of humanity moving, with location recordings Wollo made under the World Trade Center a few days prior to 9-11. It's a dose of grounding reality in a music that seems to constantly hover just above the firmament, rooted in imagination. --John Diliberto

Dunkelbunt - Morgenlandfahrt

Album: Morgenlandfahrt
Year: 2007
Genre:Lounge, Dub, World, Electronica

Vienna based dj/producer Dunkelbunt has travelled throught Eastern Europe by bike to collect different sounds and emotions. In his music traditional Balkan/Klezmer sounds meet reggae, dub and electronica.

From myspace
During the last years, [dunkelbunt] has recorded the album MORGENLANDFAHRT, to be released in May 2007 on Viennese urban-world label chat chapeau. MORGENLANDFAHRT is a mix of Dub, Reggae, Bossa, Jazz, Electronics, Trip Hop and Break Beats woven with a Balkan twist. Numerous co-operations with both Viennese and international musicians from the Balkan and Klezmer scenes have enriched many of the tracks on the album, namely performers like 5’nizza, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer band, The Cat Empire, Harry Stojka, Östblocket, MC Killo Killo, Orient Expressions and many more.
With MORGENLANDFAHRT, [dunkelbunt] combines the many facets and faces of Southeast European music with various stylistic elements of electronic- and world music. The results of these efforts are fusions Lindemann calls Balkan-Dub or simply Balkan-Electronics!
“When DJing I am travelling around the world together with my audience carried on by the music. Timelessly we are dancing through Countries and Continents getting drunk with the infinite beauty of the music. I consider myself an intermediary searching for soulful music and its magic to share it with other people.” - Ulf Lindemann / dunkelbunt

May 22, 2008

Rodrigo y Gabriela-Live in Manchester and Dublin

Artist:Rodrigo y Gabriela
Album: Live in Manchester and Dublin
Year: 2004
Genre:Acoustic,Folk Rock

Rodrigo y Gabriela are a Mexican musical duo who specialize in playing fast, rhythmic classical guitars. The duo's members are Rodrigo Sánchez, lead guitar, and Gabriela Quintero, rhythm guitar. The pair are from Mexico City, Mexico.

The duo met in Mexico City while playing in a thrash metal band called "Tierra Acida". Growing frustrated with the limited scope of the domestic music scene, they pulled up roots and moved to Europe, where they have met considerable acclaim.

They have taken up residence in Dublin, Ireland, after hearing it was particularly welcoming to travelling musicians. Playing live gigs in various pubs and busking on Grafton Street and Temple Bar allowed them to practice their sound. They received their break when Damien Rice approached them to provide the support for Oxegen. In 2005 they toured extensively in festivals around the United Kingdom and beyond.

The duo had released three records - Foc, Live in Manchester and Dublin, and re-Foc - before recording their self-titled album Rodrigo y Gabriela which was produced by John Leckie. It entered the Irish Albums Chart at #1 beating The Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash to the top spot. It was released internationally on March 13th 2006, having been given an earlier Irish release. Rodrigo y Gabriela includes covers of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and Metallica's "Orion". The duo list Metallica as being among their key influences, alongside other heavy metal bands such as Megadeth, , Testament and Overkill. The other tracks are original works inspired by the places they have been and the people they have met.

The duo currently use hand made guitars produced by Frank Tate

May 21, 2008

Red hot chili peppers - One Hot Minute

Artist:Red hot chili peppers
Album: One Hot Minute
Year: 1995
Genre:Alternative Rock
Country:United States

Red Hot Chili Peppers are a Californian rock band who have combined aspects of funk and hip-hop with rock and roll, pioneering funk metal. The band started in 1983.
One critic has summarized their lyrics as "sex, good times, rock and roll and more sex" with some truth, though some of their biggest hits, such as "Under the Bridge", along with their newer albums, have been considerably more introspective. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of their sound is the bass playing of Flea, whose flashy, slap-heavy playing not only provides a groove but is also the source of many musical flourishes. They are also well known for playing bare-chested and sometimes naked.

more on Wikipedia.

May 19, 2008

Devotchka - A Mad and Faithful Telling

Artist: Devotchka
Album: A Mad and Faithful Telling
Year: 2008
Genre:Indie, Folk Rock, Gypsy Punk
Country:United States

DeVotchKa is a four piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, Mariachi (and many more styles) music with American punk and folk roots. They take their name from Anthony Burgess' Nadsat word for "young girl," which is itself derived from the Russian word (девочка) of the same meaning. Based in Denver, Colorado, the quartet is made up of Nick Urata, who sings and plays theremin, guitar, bouzouki, piano, and trumpet; Tom Hagerman, who plays violin, accordion, and piano; Jeanie Schroder, who sings and plays sousaphone and double bass; and Shawn King, who plays percussion and trumpet.

an incredible piece of work. .Simply beautiful music..Great vocals!!

"DeVotchKa has always done the gypsyish-rock sound, and in their last album "How It Ends" they added a poignant string section.
Well, they do one better in "A Mad and Faithful Telling," a gloriously energetic, sepia-toned ride that juggles rock, pop, Eastern European dance, and a tinge of that heartbreaking orchestral music. As it makes you laugh and breaks your heart, DeVotchKa turns out their most balanced, polished album to date.
Urata has one of those great warbling voices often found in Eastern European music. And the lyrics match his yowly vocals -- laments about greed, confusing love songs, and even a prayer where he announces that "you know I never hurt no one/What I have stolen won't be missed" and warns that "If you must take me/I can not go peacefully/I left someone waiting for me..."

"A Mad and Faithful Telling" is mad, but remains faithful to no style. Ballads, mariachi-flavoured dance and gypsy rock'n'roll are all woven into this amazing little album... and it ends up being their best."(E. A Solinas "ea_solinas")

Glowworm - The Coachlight Woods

Artist: Glowworm
Album: The Coachlight Woods
Year: 2008
Genre:Post Rock, Almbient, Atmospheric Rock, Instrumental
Country:United States

Beautifully produced atmospheric rock with touches of minimalist electronics. From the sweetly serene to the breathtakingly violent, this is an essential album for lovers of fresh orchestral sounds.

In late 2006, Portland musicians Kevin Davis and Jesse Robert W. drove over 1000 miles to reach a secluded cabin in the desert of southern Utah. They removed themselves from all familiar reality, letting their recording efforts become saturated by the surrounding atmosphere. The result is music affected by a lost time and place, resonating the desert’s sweeping horizons, blood red plateaus, and ancient, hollow canyons.

Glowworm's sound is that of carefully crafted orchestral and atmospheric rock, supported by tasteful electronica. The Coachlight Woods ranges from explosive feedback-driven guitar passages, to intelligent, emotive neo-classical string arrangements. It is a reverb laden struggle through uncharted territory, offering a unique take on style in a genre too often filled with copycats.

"I just lay on my bed, played this record, and tried hard to silence my thoughts and just listen. The music made it easier. I heard no voices, I heard no words, and the emotional depth of what I was listening to felt like an invitation to search deep inside myself and watch the inner geographies and places, those that you rarely see in their entire length unless you manage to surround yourself with the right sounds. Rainy days appeared in front of my eyes. Unknown paths too, leading to the distant places I’ll walk in the future. And the music kept on traveling, in slow motion, showing me some landscapes of immense beauty and color. I step out of the bed, the cello and the drums still sounding in my head, and the rain falling peacefully though the windows. Today was the perfect post-rock day, and this album made it possible. "- Mono

Your Hand In Mine - Every Night Dreams (Music For The Silent Film 'Yogoto No Yume' By Mikio Naruse)

Artist:Your Hand In Mine
Album: Every Night Dreams (Music For The Silent Film 'Yogoto No Yume' By Mikio Naruse)
Year: 2007
Genre:Folk, Experimental, Instrumental

Your Hand In Mine" consists of two 24-year old students from Thessaloniki (Greece). Manos plays wurlitzer piano, melodica, toy piano, and does the programming, while George plays some guitar shaped toy synth, mandolin, glockenspiel hits random objects in his rythmic kit.

The project came out from members of the postrock band "Shortcat" in late 2006, giving them the opportunity to express their love to acoustic instruments, french folk songs and street musicians. With a constantly growing collection of custom, toy instruments and machines, "Your Hand In Mine" act as live-looping based duet, willing to present a new-romantic, deeply personal sense of chamber music.
Being strongly impatient, in January 2007, they release their first recordings in 100 totally handmade cd copies. The self titled EP, having references to modern west-european folk and experimentation, defines the band's aesthetic and identity.

MySpace Interview (in Greek)

May 18, 2008

The Tallest Man on Earth -Shallow Graves(2008)

Artist:The Tallest Man on Earth
Album:Shallow Graves
Year: 2008
Genre: Folk

Matsson's melodies are remarkably pliant, and while it's understandable to be skeptical of another skinny dude with a mustache, a guitar, and a worn-out copy of
The Anthology of American Folk Music, the more time you invest in Shallow Graves, the more you'll realize how unusually memorable it is. Ultimately, Shallow Graves transcends comparison-- which is saying an awful lot, given the popularity of its prototype-- and Matsson is a natural-born folksinger, earnest, clever, and comforting. (From pitchforkmedia)

No it is not Bob Dylan!.

Белые Флаги Зажигайте Медленно

Artist:Белые Флаги Зажигайте Медленно
Album: Даже если пролетариат возьмет власть в свои руки, весна все равно достанется нам, а цели войны останутся целями войны
Year: 2008
Genre:Post Rock,Indie

Four young musicians and unbelievably beautiful sounds from Russia!Maybe this is one of the best post-rock bands in 2008. Really impressive and excellent material..

Band Members

Ilya Sizov - bass, guitar
Oleg Vahromeev - keyboards, sampler
Boris Ionov - guitar, noise effects
Sasha Chirkin - drums

An attempt to translate into English:

Band Name:Set The White Flags On Fire Slowly
Album:Even If The Proletariat Takes The Power Into Its Own Hands, The Spring Will Be Left For Us, And The Aims Of War Will Remain The Aims Of War


01. 08.01.07 (2:28)
02. We Are Armed Only With The Smouldering Cigarettes And Several Hundreds Stroboscopes (3:14)
03. 16.11.06 (1:43) 1
04. Rocket Engines In The Supermarket Carts (5:34)
05. 19.08.06 (1:06)
06. Old Ages Of Our Memories Go To Pieces Inside The Sun (6:28)
07. 15.05.07 (0:46)
08. Among The Burning Spokes Of Sunset Collected Into The Neck Of A Jameson Bottle (5:30)
09. On The Photographs Of The People Who Will Never Meet Us (3:20)
10. 15 Missed Calls (6:58)

" We do not believe that just a few days ago, finished work on our first album, however, report that this is so.
Thanks to all who believed in us and those who helped with the recording (Eugene, hello!). In the near future we print discs and let you know how you can get them, but in the meantime, spread all for downloading (cover will be later, when the print, and now - a small plakatik, who has also become an important part of design, for photos in plakatike thanks zelcer. Yeah, we’ve done it! first album is here!"

May 17, 2008

Язык Дождя (Yazyk Dozhdya ) - Язык Дождя

Artist:Язык Дождя (Yazyk Dozhdya )
Album: Язык Дождя
Year: 2008
Genre:Post Rock

Yazyk Dozhdya (in russian this name has two meanings: the tongue of the rain and the language of the rain) are a Russian progressive-post-rock band formed in 1994. They compose instrumental guitar-based pieces in the post-rock tradition.

Their style has been influenced by such bands as The Cure, Joy Division, Tool, Pearl Jam, Mogwai, and Dave Matthews Band. It has easily identifiable connections to genres like shoegaze, progressive rock, art rock, and occasionally post rock.

The Land of Nod - Reality Channel An Introduction to The Land of Nod

Artist:The Land of Nod
Album: Reality Channel
Year: 2003
Genre:Post Rock, Alternative, Space Rock
Country:United Kingdom

The Land of Nod, who consist of Ant Walker on guitar and Dave Battersby on bass, hail from Cheltenham in the UK and have had six full-length albums released to date, four of them on Cheltenham based indie Ochre Records. The 'Reality Channel' album is the group’s second US release; an essential compilation of their best Ochre material, including several previously unreleased bonus tracks.


“Those who appreciate the lush, spacious, minimalist, psychedelic tapestries of Windy and Carl, Roy Montgomery, and A.M.P., or the space rock of Füxa and Jessamine, should check this out… The disc is full of delayed, simple guitar melodies repeated and subtly alternated over shimmering, ambient backdrops, sometimes bringing to mind classic Spacemen 3 tracks like “Come Down Softly To My Soul, “ “Honey,” and “How Does It Feel.”(Skyscraper)

"In the Land of Nod, percussion whispers, the bass whimpers, and guitars gently glide in a valley of delay effects. This collection of select tracks from its proper albums and radio sessions supports the U.K. duo's comparisons to Windy & Carl, Mogwai, and the ambient side of Spacemen 3. Guitarist Ant Walker and bassist Dave Battersby head up this ethereal journey through ambient instrumental rock, occasionally aided by piano ("Quadrant Zero") and percussion ("Chronicle Blueprint No. 1" and "Inducing the Sleep Sphere"). The eight-minute "Parabolic Velocity" is one of the Nod's finer moments, where a helicopter-like sound swirls around high-end, dreamy bass and ghostly tones. "The Land of Nod," a delightful piece that's reminiscent of mid-'80s Cocteau Twins or Swallow's Blow, soothes with its misty atmosphere. Other tracks slowly build, then drift away, bringing you along for a ride that induces a sleepy, sometimes trance-y state.(Kenyon Hopkin, All Music Guide)

May 16, 2008

Adolf Plays the Jazz - Day 4/ Urban Fiction

Artist:Adolf Plays the Jazz
Album: Day 4/ Urban Fiction
Year: 2007
Genre:Post Rock,Experimental, Shoegaze

Adolf Plays the Jazz is a Greek post rock band formed in Athens in the year of 2002. They started creating music for soundtracks of films their friends made. All their music can be downloaded for free from their homepage. Their musics aim is to combine the art rock of the 70's (head music) with todays post rock feeling (heart music) through a punk//do it yourself//lo-fi - attitude.

for those who believe in free art sharing

adolf plays the jazz stand against global trade of
"plastic art" and especially decadent
music industry......
bio : adolf plays the jazz is a non-political athens post-rock band...stands against the promotion system which serves plastic art and fake idols...our stuff is free, which means that no-one has the right to earn money from it...our belief is to spread our music with the only and honest way , hand to hand and word of mouth.



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