November 17, 2008

Classical Variations

Vivaldi Op.3.No.11
Bach (after Vivaldi)

hat happens when Bach plays Vivaldi?
 Mozart plays Bach? and Beethoven plays Mozart? 
Classical Variations of Grande Maestros playing their favorite trucks of others famous Maestros!
Here in this Compilation made by SECRETA MUSICA  the first truck is the original and follows the Variation
In this exactly order:
  1. Vivaldi:original(L'Estro Armonico Op.3)
  2. Bach: after Vivaldi
  3. Mozart: original(Ein Madchen oder Weibchen:from the Magic Flute)
  4. Beethoven: after  Mozart(12 Variation on the Magic Flute)
  5. Bach:original(5 Fugues of Wolhtemperietes Clavier II)
  6. Mozart: after Bach
     ...Because the Music Guide us...


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