December 11, 2008

Bohren & Der Club of Gore- Dolores

Artists:Bohren & Der Club of Gore
Album: Dolores
Year: 2008
Genre:Avantgarde, Ambient, Jazz, Minimalism

Formed in the German city of Mülheim an der Ruhr in 1992, Bohren & Der Club of Gore (their name is partly an homage to the 80s Dutch noisecore band Gore) set out with the self-proclaimed intention of processing a love of rock's more extreme forms into 'doom-ridden jazz music'. This mission has resulted in five albums of oppressive intensity, but with Dolores a silver strip of dawn can be seen at the edge of their louring sky.

The similarities are less constant on Dolores, but it remains impossible to listen to Bohren (which means 'drilling' in German) without being reminded of David Lynch and his composer Angelo Badalamenti. Try listening to second track 'Karin' and its sultry combination of vibes, brushed drums and humming bass without thinking of Audrey's dance in the Double R diner in Twin Peaks. Even when their methods aren't so similar, Bohren still tap into precisely the same wee small hours blend of sexuality, battered glamour, mournfulness and undefined threat that Badalamenti's compositions evoke.

'Dolores' is a stunning, mesmerising 60 minute journey that lurks beneath the surface, confusing, confounding and oddly uplifting all at once.
0Carefully chosen, strained notes of either a guitar or piano, punctuated by periodic thumps of a bass drum, create a moody atmosphere with an underlying sense of positivity or rebirth. And thanks to production that is crisp and clean, it is recommended that you dig out those pricier headphones to fully experience the unique sound experience of Delores.

This album is not recommended for those who are depressed. However, if you are looking for some background music to plow through that Camus novel, or just generally in a contemplative mood, then Dolores is the perfect album for you

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