August 5, 2008

Θανάσης Παπακωνσταντίνου-Ο Σαμάνος(2008)

Artist:Τhanasis Papakonstantinou-
Album: Ο Σαμάνος - O Samanos (The Shaman)
Year: 2008
Genre:, Indie,Alternative


Thanasis Papakonstantinou (born April 26, 1959 in Tyrnavos) is a Greek singer-songwriter.He is married with two children. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Thessaloniki, which he practiced for a while, before he devoted himself exclusively to music. After military he had a spell of handcrafting traditional greek musical instruments. Now a Larissa resident, he has established himself as one of the most original and prolific people in the greek music scene. He writes music in the greek folk idiom, stemming from his own recollections of traditional songs his parents sang while working in the field, usually writes his own lyrics or uses poems

Thanasis Papakonstantinou inspired the title of his album by the brave behavior of Samano.

''Fortino Samano smoking a cigarette before being executed,'' Agustin Victor Casasola, 1917 ''Taken during the Mexican Revolution. That photo captured a guy at peace with himself and with his ideas. It's not a complicated composition. But the photographer, within a fraction of a second, was able to show the heroic side of human behavior.''


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