August 22, 2008

Peter Broderick - Retreat/Release

Artist:Peter Broderick
Album: Retreat/Release
Year: 2007
Genre:Instrumental, Neo-classical
Country:United States

Portland multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick opens his account for Type Records with two spectacularly lovely pieces of music, after playing supporting roles alongside Machinefabriek (making appearances on Kruimeldief and Huis), Dolorean, Loch Lomond and Norfolk & Western. If these tracks are anything to go by, Broderick's music takes its cues from the work of Harold Budd, Erik Satie, and at times is even suggestive of a scaled down Arvo Part. 'Retreat' is right up there with anything from the Rachel's back catalogue, or for that matter Max Richter's The Blue Notebooks, also bringing to mind Sigur Ros' quieter, less bombastic moments with its rather romantic, wistful approach to contemporary composition loading strings on top of piano before erupting into a final choral sequence. 'Release' strips away the layers to focus in on Broderick's piano works, and demonstrates amply that this guy is in no short supply of compositional skill. Although not strictly Broderick's debut (a few homemade, now sadly out of print recordings have circulated over the past two years or so) this is a wonderful way of introducing yourself to the world at large. Gorgepus stuff


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