August 22, 2008

The American Dollar - A Memory Stream

Artist:The American Dollar
Album: A Memory Stream
Year: 2008
Genre:Post - Rock, Instrumental, Ambient
Country:United States


Ready to break out of two albums worth of being loved by fans all over the Internet, New York City stationed duo The American Dollar release A Memory Stream on August 19th, 2008. John and Rich, the duo that comprise this talented collaboration, have been making music together for seven years, and what has come out of their sonic chemistry is a project that plays on all of their needs and wants in expressing an artistic sense of emotion and bold statement.

- Richard Cupolo / keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion
- John Emanuele / drums, keyboard, bass, guitar

"The imagery is heavy, and were this a film score, it would be the one for human nature. The song-to-song transitions and sweeping crescendos are often that grab listeners by the heartstrings to draw them in towards complete bliss – the album begins with the two part tracks “The Slow Wait,” and its effects are just that. Riddled with sadness and joy, there are points of light that poke through very dark undertones as you pass from tracks 1 through 11. With guitar stylings comparable to Bloc Party, the organ influence of Pink Floyd carries the album across. “The Slow Wait Part 2” is breath-taking, but like the debut albums from Interpol or Sigur Ros, the songs create a cohesion when heard from front to back. Long drives, late nights, and many other moments that are affected by the music that accompanies them, The American Dollar is a necessity to one’s personal soundtrack." -

"EVERY song on this cd is different, interesting...each song evokes an emotion that's introspective, artistic, and again, this isn't a rock record, it's more an art piece, background music, or a film score, but don't misunderstand that reference, this cd is still cool as shit!" - Rock and Roll Experience


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