June 17, 2008

The Cranberries - Bury the Hatchet

Artist:The Cranberries
Album: Bury the Hatchet
Year: 1998
Genre:Alternative Rock

It's the first album released by the band after their (first) hiatus which started back in 1996. Dolores had taken that time to heal from stress-induced diseases, and also had her first child, Taylor, during this period. This last fact reflected on some of the tracks in the album, mainly on "Animal Instinct" and "You and Me".

"Promises", the first single, talked about divorce, a theme that was bugging Dolores, who had time to rest in her home country, Ireland. She said she wrote it when divorce was becoming particularly popular there. She was of course fearful of her own marriage, not because she had any troubles with her husband Don, but because now she had to have something else in mind: her son.

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