June 13, 2008

Solarsoul - Touch of feelings

Compiled by:Solarsoul
Album: Touch of feelings
Year: 2008
Genre:Electronic, Ambient, Chill out

A very nice ambient and chilli compilation.. beautiful atmospheric and relaxing soundscapes!!


01.Northern Skyline - Afterglow of Sunset (Original mix)
02.Katcha - Touched By God Katchas (Quiet Storm Mix)
03.Christian Rusch - Take Your Time
04.PSH Project - Tears
05.Obe Feat. Lilith - Angel
06.Lagoona - Mana (Christian Rusch Remix)
07.Recluse - Isle Dauphine (Ambient mix)
18.Leama & Moor - Coming Of Age (album mix)
19.Thomas Datt - Evaporate (chilled mix)
10.Michael Splint featuring Sasja - You set Me Free Mackers (Ambient instrumental mix)
11.Sensorica - Ex Animo


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