June 1, 2008

Keith Jarrett & Michala Petri - Bach Sonatas

Performers:Keith Jarrett (Harpsichord) & Michala Petri (recorder)
Composer:J.S. Bach
Year: 1992
Country:United States

The multi-talented Keith Jarrett teams up with recorder virtuoso Michala Petri to present over an hour of perfectly-balanced music for recorder and harpsichord.If you appreciate Bach or recorder music, this album is a must for you. Keith Jarrett and Michala Petri have put together a series of performances that sound so "right " that you cannot imagine them played otherwise.The recorder playing, especially, is intriguing. Michala produces a sound similar to a flute, but a little darker and more mellow. Recorder, especially for Baroque music, is highly underrated.A highly dynamic reading of the Bach Sonatas.


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