June 28, 2008

Until June - Until June

Artist:Until June
Album:Until June
Year: 2007
Genre:Alternative Rock
Country:United States

A 3-piece band from Hollywood, CA, Until June's minimalist melodies and brit/pop sensibility collide on their self-titled debut release from Flicker Records. an ambient journey of heartbreak and redemption for those who have lost and been found again.

"Until June has been around for quite a while now, releasing self-produced EPs and trying their utmost to get signed to a record label. Originally playing under the name “Juune,” the guys set a deadline for June 2005 with the ultimatum being that they either get signed by that time or call it quits. By spring of that year, they were in talks with various labels, but nothing panned out until the end of the summer. It was a little passed their intended deadline, but Flicker Records finally signed them. And to avoid legal troubles, they changed their name to “Until June,” thus also honoring their set deadline.

Nearly two years later, they’ve finally released their self-titled national debut, so that the rest of us can hear what they’ve been trying to say for years now. It’s a familiar brand of British “pop/rock,” with a little indie flare thrown in, not very much unlike Coldplay or Keane. Josh Ballard’s voice (A bit nasally, but passionate and soothing) is somewhat of an acquired taste, however, but the songs are usually catchy enough to compensate.
Their lyrics fare about the same as the music: Nothing truly outstanding, but never bland. They speak on more than one occasion about broken hearts and would seem somewhat bleak if it wasn’t for the pop/rock optimism inherent on even the slower of the ten tracks here. On occasion, most notable their album closer, “You Do,” they speak of Christ, pondering the price paid for our salvation, and longing to see life the way He must, in order to make such a sacrifice.
There’s a lot to like here, and there’s a lot to improve on, but Until June’s debut is definitely worth a listen. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s refreshing to hear some piano/rock done right."


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