July 4, 2008

Interstellar Overdrive - Surface b

Artist:Interstellar Overdrive
Album: Surface b
Year: 2003
Genre:Rock, Experimental, Indie, Post - Rock

Every Day

The core of what was to become interstellar overdrive was formed around 1998 in Athens, Greece, since then little or no resemblance exists. The genre changes dramatically with every new project. In 1999's 'Battle of the Bands' contest (held in Athens) the band was awarded with the first prize leading to the realisation of the debut album (Pegasus Records, 2000; reproduced in 900 copies).
From April 2002 to January 2003 the band, with a different line up this time, records a second album titled 'Surface b' again for Pegasus Records (reproduced in 600 copies). The musical style is a lot different than the debut album with influences ranging from indie to post-rock. Yet, within this album there is evidence of a more experimental and less commercial approach to music.

another great band from Greece..highly recommended!
The band consisted of :
@lex Sakellariou: drums, percussion
Orestis G. Karamanlis: electric, acoustic & classical guitars, bass, percussion, harmonica, xylophone, piano, vocals

Pepy Kosma: voice

Dr.Aris: bass
Dinos Bourandas: electric & classical violins, viola.

Additional Musicians: Manolis Angelakis [Illeagal Operation]: vocals, Aris Oikonomou: jaguar guitar, Dimitris Ioannou [Bokomolech]: vocals; Grigoris Kokkinos: drums; Sofia Labropoulou: harp of Asia Minor; Akis Bogiatzis [Sigmatropic]: vocals; Artemis Bogri: vocals; Ifigenie Bogiatzaki: vocals; Alan Massie: flute; Alexander Zhibaj: cello.
Noam Chomsky's voice was also used with his permission!!

The music of interstellar overdrive has also been used in film and theatre. At the moment the band undertakes an even more experimental approach investigating alternative ways to produce music using new media (even though its members are scattered).


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