July 1, 2008

Sierpinski - Evening Water Project

Album: Evening Water Project
Year: 2006
Genre:Experimental, Post - Rock, IDM
Country:United Kingdom

Hailing from Leeds, Sierpinski are Lee Hooper, (Inecto School), Clare Loughran, Matthew Robson, (Random Number, ex-Hood) and Christian Townsley. In 2002, Sierpinski released a double A side single with Diefenbach on Jonathon Whiskey records. The same year, this was followed by their sell out debut album "This Geography of Ours" which was met with critical acclaim throughout Europe, USA and Australia. Sierpinski return 3 years later with "Evening Water Project". Combining influences of the warm double bass of Charlie Haden, glitch electronica of Autechre, subtle arpeggiations of Philip Glass and the heartfelt dynamics of Mogwai they deliver a second album which urbanizes a melancholic, Northern English pastoralism.


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