July 23, 2008

Mutyumu - Il y a

Album: Il y a
Year: September 2008
Genre:Rock, Experimental, Avantgarde, Symponic Metal, Piano

Track 3

MUTYUMU is a band from Japan, formed in 2001, and their self-titled debut was released in October 2006.Mutyumu are a five (or six)-person group whose web site describes them as a “funeral classical band,” an interesting concept. How else to describe a group that somehow fuses chamber music, death metal, Dead Can Dance, and Godspeed You Black Emperor-style drama into their songs? The tracks here range from a delicate piano intro, a heavy keys-drums-guitar fuzz piece, rock-metal-violin opera, and more. Vocalist Hachisunoit can sound like a demon or an angel, and the music supports whichever role she takes on.Mutyumu list an extensive roster of influences to their music; among the artists mentioned are Johann Sebastian Bach, Dead Can Dance, U2, Nine Inch Nails and Dimmu Borgir - a wide range of influences, all of which are actual musical references.

Ryota Yoda - guitars
Jyunpei Suda - drums
Hachisunoit - vocals
Yuko Ikenaga - keyboards
Chiaki Okamoto - violin, bass

A weird and wonderful musical journey

Will you like it? I think the answer depends on your tolerance for wildly disparate kinds of music; your patience for long and perhaps self-indulgent (though always melodic) mostly instrumental compositions; and, probably, your mood when you put this disc into your CD player. I’m going to recommend it not only because of the band’s bravery and talent but also because, wildly divergent though the styles on this album are, the whole thing is interesting, even beguiling. Just be warned that you’re in for a unique experience.Fans of experimental music in general, and in particular those with musical tastes ranging from metal to ambient, classical and jazz should find this release to be quite fascinating.
The album Il y a is planned to releasefor September 25, 2008!!


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