July 27, 2008

Burial - Untrue

Album: Untrue
Year: 2007


As the name might suggest, Burial likes to keep things underground. The mysterious producer is a curious anomaly on the currently flourishing dubstep scene, keeping his identity secret while others are networking furiously and raking in lots of DJ cash. Rumours abound that he doesn’t even exist, that Burial is actually the alter-ego of an established artist – perhaps Kode9, who runs the Hyperdub label. In reality, he’s just the reclusive type.

The music, too, is of a different character to the dubstep sound currently blasting out from club backrooms across Europe. Burial's beats aren’t really aimed at the dancefloor, more for headphones-under-a-hoodie, down in a tube station at midnight – and the headphones need to be decent. Where the best-known dubstep cuts are built on growling, barking basslines, his beats are a more intricate proposition. (BBC -Dance Review)


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