July 2, 2008

Yoshida Brothers--Hishou-(Domo) 2007

Artist:Yoshida Brothers
Album: Hishou
Year: 2007

Yoshida Brothers are something of an anomaly. Rock stars with classical roots, their music showcases the place where tradition meets youthful irreverence. Their sound is at once rooted firmly in the ancestral sounds of northern Japan, while infused with the energy of contemporary interpretation. HISHOU continues the exploration of marrying new phrasings to traditional sounds. The result is at once sentimental and respectful of the past, while also forging a sonic bridge to the future. Having explored rock and world music themes in previous releases, this album marks a return to basics for the brothers, highlighting their commitment to and reverence for the historic art of Tsugaru-Shamisen. (domo music group)
Yoshida Brothers: Official web site (English)


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