July 7, 2008

Hey Rosetta - Into Your Lungs

Artist:Hey Rosetta
Album: Into Your Lungs
Year: 2008
Genre:Rock, Indie

New Goodbye

Hey Rosetta! is a six member group hails from the rocky shores of St-John’s Newfoundland,Canada. The group was formed in 2005 by front man Tim Baker.In June of 2008 Hey Rosetta! released their newest album “Into Your Lungs (and around in you heart and on through your blood)”. The group consists of:

Tim Baker (Vocals, Guitar, Piano)
Adam Hogan (Guitar)
Josh Ward (Bass)
Phil Maloney (Drums)
Kinley Dowling (Violin)
Romesh Thavanathan (cello)

an album full of energetic, well-written, wonderful songs

The band creates a massive, layered big-band sound that incorporates the sometimes more emotional and evocative elements of music combined with stirring band chants. This all interplays against the traditional elements of piano, violin, cello, folk and pop-rock in an un-conventional and audibly workable musical base.Their singer has a beautiful, poignant, powerful and slightly raspy voice, which sounds just as great live.The songs are like fantastic poetic chapters of an old classic storybook supported by very powerful music that swells and bursts beautifully. The music has a very wide and beautifully filled up mixing.


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