July 1, 2008

Ryan Teague - Coins & Crosses

Artist:Ryan Teague
Album: Coins & Crosses
Year: 2006
Genre:Neo-classical, Instrumental
Country:United Kingdom

Coins And Crosses is an ambitious journey through musical landscapes incorporating methods and techniques both modern and ancient, continuing and developing the themes established in Teague’s debut release Six Preludes. Much of this new material is likened to sacred music with its emphasis on slow brooding textures which give way to passages of shimmering light and ecstasy.

The instrumentation, incorporating strings, harp and voice, echo timeless practices whilst being offset by subtly woven electronic treatments, generating an austere and rich fabric of sound. The album features a 24 piece String Orchestra performed by the Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Tim Redmond.


“Ryan Teague’s debut full length is the kind of album that should accompany the illustrated encyclopedia entry for ‘epic’.”- Rough Trade

“Tasteful stuff indeed… excellent”- BBC Radio 3, Mixing It

“5/5 Album of the month…the sound has a deep resonant feel to it that goes far beyond the dry academia of other electro-acoustic composers.”- Musique Machine

“…a wonderful glance at a forbidden world, where programming and classical sensibilities lock horns and battle to a beautiful death.”- Angryape.com

“…A truly jaw-dropping achievement in the contemporary classical field.”- Piccadly Records

“There is no denying the artistic accomplishment this album represents.”- All Music Guide

“Some of the most emotive, epic, spine-tingling sonic material I’ve heard in a while.”


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