July 28, 2008

Beware of Safety - It Is Curtains

Artist:Beware of Safety
Album: It Is Curtains
Year: 2008
Genre:Post - Rock, Instrumental
Country:United States

Those who enjoy their instrumental rock to emphasize the "rock" should take note of Beware of Safety. This quartet out of Los Angeles concocts an explosive creation that leaves no prisoners. And while the music is loud, noisey, and aggressive, the band really shines in the post-trauma aftermath, showcasing a more sophisticated side that really speaks towards the band's natural talent and understanding of its art. Selected as release of the month, It is Curtains comes highly recommended by the Silent Ballet staff. -
The Silent Ballet

• The likes of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky make up a decent portion of my extra-curricular music listening, so much so that it takes a truly amazing record in that genre to really get my attention. There's something about Beware of Safety, that caught my ear immediately. The slow atmosphere sinks through tendrils of perfectly-toned guitar, while white sheets of cymbals and a dissolving snare outline the rhythms, bass perfectly holding the two together. Where similar bands are plenty happy to be depressed in their drone, there's a lack of resignation on this record that gives these songs a little jagged edge to their pillowy, floating sounds. There's hope and there's anger (and a little depression, too). Listen to it on your regular stereo set-up, but to get the most out of it, play it through headphones, and picture cottony clouds below an azure sky... snow-capped peaks viewed from the roof of a city skyscraper... time-lapse film of stars passing through the velvety nighttime heavens. 5/5. - CD Baby


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