September 23, 2008

misuse - misuse (2008)

Album: misuse
Year: 2008

Mogwai chose them as a support act for their live date in Greece back in 2003. No plug-ins were used in this vintage-instruments-only debut that features Hammond organ, Obberheim synth, electroacoustic piano, celesta, vibraphone, violin, viola and cello.

Formed sometime in 2001 - Played several gigs in Athens at various venues, including support gig with Mogwai at Ark No.6 on April of 2003, after being selected by Mogwai themselves - Also played in other towns including Antiparos, Lehaina and Tripoli - Songs of Misuse are included in the now very hard to find compilations: "Mad Athens Presents Pop Scene 01" by Rubber, "Civil Cinder Regalia Vol. 1" by Tobruk Records & "In The Junkyard vol. 1" by Spinalonga - Misuse's song "Progyria" has been choreographed by Nefeli Stamouli. The choreography has taken part in the World Choreography Contest In Varna, Bulgaria in August 2006 & has also been presented at HELEXPO International Exhbition in Thessaloniki in an event of the Hellenic Dance Company in association with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, in Aristotelous Square on September 2006 - Currently recording new & old material for long play album ..

Sadly, on September the 18th 2006, Christos Kormalis, who was the original drummer and founding member of Misuse lost his life in a motorbike accident. Though he didn't play with them for the last 5 months, he was, and is, always considered as member by the group. It is him playing on Misuse's Locked in a bar He will be missed..



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