September 26, 2008

3epkano - At Land

Album: At Land
Year: 2007
Genre:Neo-classical, Instrumental, Experimental

blood of a poet

3epkano are a Dublin based, seven piece band/ensemble who specialise in producing original and innovative soundtracks for films from the silent movie era. The band were formed in early 2004 by Matthew Nolan and Cameron Doyle. The line-up includes 2 electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards/ organ, drums/percussion, cello and viola – the music is minimalist, guitar based, and almost entirely instrumental.

3epkano perform original contemporary live scores to classics of silent cinema.
We are conditioned to associate a particular form of music with silent film; music that is produced or composed to match or pre-empt action on screen, more times than not it suffocates what is happening visually. Film, in the way it's constructed, the way it's edited, the movement on screen, has a rhythm almost musical in itself. 3epkano's music tries to liberate the image and tap into the atmosphere, the tone that is being generated by the visuals and narrative on screen. Creating music for 3epkano is a process of patient exploration and tentative discovery, the result is a compelling and unique cinematic experience."



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