September 22, 2008

The Ascent Of Everest - How Lonely Sits The City (Remastered Edition)

Artist:The Ascent Of Everest
Album: How Lonely Sits The City (Remastered Edition)
Year: 2008 (Studio Album, released in 2006)
Genre:Post - Rock
Country:United States

The Ascent of Everest formed in the spring of 2005 in the shadows of Music City USA (Nashville, Tennessee). Since then the band has embarked on two east coast tours and played dozens of regional shows in support of their 2006 release "How Lonely Sits the City" (the re-master of which will be released June 30, 2008 on the shells music label). Currently the six piece outfit is preparing to tour the UK and working on material for their next record.

“The songs communicate sentiments that simply cannot be put into words.”
– Performer Magazine

“The Ascent of Everest has created a unique sound full of swirling textures, intense and beautiful soundscapes, and exploding crescendos.”
– Panoptic Journalism Ltd.

“The Ascent of Everest performs music in the style of largely layered, epic, huge sounding instrumental rock. It’s like watching a movie score at times. They’ll be bringing their cellos, drum mallets, piano, and other various instruments along with them to 12th & Porter to play with Sparrows Swarm and Sing."

“The Ascent of Everest makes spacious, gradually swelling songs that bring to mind the drama and dynamics of Mogwai and GSYBE. The name alone should tell you something about their creative motives. A seven-piece string-heavy outfit who’s freely psychedelic post-rock is something like Dirty Three on acid. It was a hell of a show—these guys are Murfreesboro gold. With lush and slow-building songs, sparse vocals and a heavy-lidded female cellist, the band entertained the attentive, yet brooding, crowd. Several people wearing black scooted their chairs center stage and the subsequent hands-in-pockets style head nodding was not only justified, but sincere.”
– Nashville Scene

"Presentation is a key component to the work of The Ascent of Everest, and it readily switches forms from guitar driven segments to orchestral upwellings to thick atmospheric drone and ambiance. The segues are often huge and greatly overlapping, which results in some extremely cinematic or cathartic passages… Undoubtedly this is one of the better instrumental releases from the U.S. in 2006, if not the world at large."
– Jordan Volz

“9 out of 10”
“Top 40 Records of 2006”

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