September 11, 2008

Andrei Machado - Lacuna

Artist:Andrei Machado
Album: Lacuna
Year: 2008
Genre:Piano, Ambient, Neo-classical
Bitrate:256 Kbps

Andrei Machado is a Brazilian amateur musician and Lacuna is his debut album.In our blog Andrei found some of his influences(Peter Broderick, Max Richter, Alaska In The Winter, Balmorhea, Bosques De Mi Mente, Eluvium) and wanted to share his wonderfull work with us.Thank u Andrei for sharing your inspiring music with us!!
Minimal soundspaces but not boring,excellent touches of piano,simplicity and emotional airy melodies that leaves the listener in peace and beauty - the "Eu sei que sou fraco" is my favorite track :)Keep up the great work Andrei.Thanks again..Greetings from Greece!



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