September 19, 2008

Planet Boelex - Suunta

Artist:Planet Boelex
Album: Suunta
Year: 2007
Genre:Electronica, Downtempo, Ambient
Bitrate:320 Kbps

Beautiful ambient and downtempo electronica from Planet Boelex an electronic music project originating from Finland.

"..each track having great style, flair and production and most important, each track a mini epic in itself. This time around we have a 'mini-lp' - 44 minutes of blissful works entitled Suunta (Direction) full of beautiful vibes, deep, atmospheric sounds, resounding basses with an analogue twist and those fabulous bleeps that Boelex is reknowned for. Throughout the release the highly polished results of many sleepless nights (right up to the day before release!) are apparent - this is a release to treasure, take a small taster and then dive right in.."

All his music is free and available to share under the Creative Commons 3 license so..


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