September 10, 2008

Kafabindunya - Kafabindunya (demo)

Artist: Kafabindunya
Album: Kafabindunya (demo)
Year: 2006
Genre:Post - Rock

Kafabindunya is a post-rock, drone-metal, noise-rock band from Istanbul, Turkey.

The band is famous in underground scene because of their "hypnotic" live shows and shocking high volume. The band composes and plays instrumental music. According to the songwriter/guitarist Burc Tuncer, ordinary songs with lyrics limit the story that the listener imagines, by the lyrics of the songs. kafabindunya composes because they want the listener to imagine his/her own story and use their music as the soundtrack of their own fiction, by just limiting the edges of their imagination with -only- the names of the songs.
In 2006, the band opened the phonem by miller festival as the support band of Mogwai. The band continues to play live locally.

All in all, "kafabindunya" is now an art project, more than an avant-garde band. Sometimes they produce visual material in harmony with their audible material. Their live shows are like not only a rock band performing in the stage, but also an experience awaiting you to experiment.


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