September 18, 2008

Spyweirdos And John Mourjopoulos With Floros Floridis - Epistrophy At Utopia (2008)

Artist: Spyweirdos And John Mourjopoulos With Floros Floridis
Album: Epistrophy At Utopia
Year: 2008


he three artists who have collaborated on the album are Spyros Polychronopoulos (Spyweirdo), who supplies the electronics and processing, acoustics professor and jazz musician John Mourjopoulos and jazz and improv artist Floros Floridis. The latter two provide various free jazz improvisations, which tend to the minimal, moodier end of the spectrum, on piano, double bass, clarinet, oboe and saxophone amongst other things, while Spyweirdo pulls all the pieces together and meshes them with his own brand of electronics into their completed forms.
This is quite a remarkable album. That it’s creators have been working in their various fields since the late 70s is apparent in the maturity and focus of the work, while there is a refreshing newness to the sounds which, inspite of the obvious use of homage, do not rely on nostalgia for their potency.



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