March 10, 2008

Ataraxia - Kremasta Nera

Artist: Ataraxia
Album: Kremasta Nera
Year: 2007
Genre: Neo-classical

This album is a cosmic chant inspired by the lights and shadows of an extinguished civilization, a lost world which eclipsed with its secrets. A mix of acoustic sounds, strings, electronic and eastern percussions with deep evocative vocals. Simply Amazing!

1 The Song Of Axieros (5:14)
2 The Nine Rituals (6:07)
3 Kremasta Nera (7:20)
4 Ochram (4:59)
5 Therma (3:38)
6 Efestia (6:54)
7 Ebur (4:12)
8 Kaviria (6:01)
9 Fengari (3:13)
10 Klethra (5:09)
11 Gria Vathra (2:55)
12 Migratio Animae (7:23)
13 Wings (I Had Once) (4:40)
14 La Fame E La Danza (6:30)


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