March 16, 2008

Clogs - Thom's Night out

Album:Thom's Night out
Year: 2001
Genre:Instrumental, Experimental

Clogs are four musicians from the U.S. and Australia who compose and improvise using sounds, textures and influences from across the musical spectrum. From the immediacy of folk music, through twisted Americana to the complexity of modernism, their sound marks a new and beautifully strange stage in the evolution of 21st century acoustic-electronic music.
Clogs' music is quite pretty, and most of the time gentle in tone, yet nothing about their compositions is simple, either.
A track like "Sadness and Obsession" has an especially avant-garde feeling to it, without odd sounds and textures quickly leaping in and out of the sound.

01 Yeri Ali
02 Mysteries of Life
03 Thom's Night Out
04 My Husband's Village

05 i'm very sad
06 Four Blue Poles
07 Sadness and Obsession
08 Ukifune



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