March 23, 2008

Eleni Karaindrou - The Weeping Meadow

Artist: Eleni Karaindrou
Album: The Weeping Meadow
Year: 2003
Genre: Neo-classical, Instrumental

This album is the complete score for the Greek film The Weeping Meadow ('To livadi pou dakrizei') directed by Theo Angelopoulos. The music is by Greek composer Eleni Karaindrou who has previously worked with Angelopoulos on the very successful Ulysses' Gaze, and also Voyage to Cythera, The Beekeper, Landscape in the Mist, The Suspended Step of the Stork, and Eternity and a Day.The Weeping Meadow is a tragedy, the score based around one mournful central theme and two further motifs which are so significantly related to the main theme as to be essentially variations. Karaindrou uses the technique of building the themes upon a repeated, syncopated double-bass melody, a 6-note harp motif that constantly loops in on itself, and a final 3-note harp motif that is also frequently repeated.
The Weeping Meadow is an excellent piece of work, with compelling writing for string orchestra and solo performances by the accordion, violin, cello and the Constantinople Lyra, brilliant and colourful melodies and memorable themes; music sad, tragic and solitary that takes the listener on a magical, silent and slow inner journey. One of the best scores I've ever heard and definitely the best work by Eleni Karaindrou, this is surely a must for all the lovers of serious music. A genuine masterpiece!( Demetris Christodoulides)


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