March 24, 2008

The Pirate Ship Quintet

Artist: The Pirate Ship Quintet
Album: The Pirate Ship Quintet
Year: 2007
Genre: Post - Rock,Experimental, Instrumental

The Pirate Ship Quintet are another young British band that are intent on creating lavish instrumental soundscapes.Three epic post-rock songs done all Yndi Halda style.Excellent post-rock with very interesting inclusion of piano, trumpet and the especially great use of cello. The inclusion of these instruments help them to break away a little bit from the countless other bands in the genre. This is a very professional sounding debut and very enjoyable thanks in part to their ability to inject genuine sounding emotions into the music.Recommended if you like From The Sky, Mt., Blueneck, 65daysofstatic and of course Yndi Halda.


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