March 6, 2008

Jan Garbarek - Visible World

Artist: Jan Garbarek
Album: Visible World
Year: 1995
Genre: instroumental- Jazz

Jan Garbarek style incorporates a sharp-edged tone, long, keening, sustained notes strongly reminiscent of Islamic prayer calls, and generous use of silence.
As a composer, Garbarek tends to draw heavily from Scandinavian folk melodies, a legacy of his Ayler influence.

Jan Garbarek (soprano & tenor saxophones, Meraaker clarinet, electronic keyboards, percussion)
Rainer Bruninghaus (piano, synthesizer)
Eberhard Weber (bass)
Marilyn Mazur (drums, percussion)
Manu Katche (drums)
Trilok Gurtu (tablas, spiral) in "The Arrow"
Mari Boine (vocal) in "Evening Land"


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