March 6, 2008

Yann Tiersen - C'etait Ici

Artist: Yann Tiersen
Album: C'etait Ici
Year: 2002
Genre: Minimal,Instrumental

Guillaume Yann Tiersen (born June 23, 1970) is a French musician and composer known internationally for composing the score to the Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie Amélie His music is recognized by its use of a large variety of instruments in relatively minimalist compositions, often with a touch of either European classical music or french folk music, using primarily the piano, accordion or violin together with instruments like the melodica, xylophone, toy piano, ondes martenot, harpsichord and typewriter. He has been compared to musicians Chopin, Erik Satie, Phillip Glass and Michael Nyman.

Κ' όμως ο Yann Tiersen τα σπάει...!!! Μοναδικό!

Track listing (CD 1)

  1. Intro
  2. La valse d'Amélie
  3. C'était ici
  4. Rue des cascades
  5. La rupture
  6. Déjà loin
  7. Sur le fil
  8. Le jour d'avant
  9. Le banquet
  10. Les jours tristes
  11. La noyée
  12. Le moulin
  13. Le fromveur
  14. L'homme aux bras ballants
  15. L'autre valse d'Amélie

Track listing (CD 2)

  1. Bagatelle
  2. Le méridien
  3. L'absente
  4. La parade
  5. La noyée II
  6. Monochrome
  7. Plus au sud
  8. Les Bras de mer
  9. Comptine d'un autre été: l'apres Midi
  10. Le quartier
  11. La crise
  12. Février
  13. La valse des monstres


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