March 27, 2008

Stephan Micus - Behind Eleven Deserts

Artist: Stephan Micus
Album: Behind Eleven Deserts
Year: 1978
Genre:World,New Age

Stephan Micus
(born January 19, 1953) is a German musician and composer, whose musical style is heavily influenced by his study of traditional instruments and musical techniques from Japan, India, South America, and other countries around the world. In many cases, he plays all of the instruments on his recordings, combining styles from different countries and using the instruments in unprecedented ways in each of his pieces. A lifelong student of culture and society, Micus finds new ways of combining a rich diversity of ethnic instruments that would simply not be possible under other circumstances, creating a cross-cultural music that is like no other. Indian dilruba blends with Arabian nay; Tibetan chimes mix with Bavarian zithers; and Ghanese dondon unites with Japanese shakuhachi to explore, quite possibly the most affirmed idea of World Music. And while most musicians thrive on the interaction of playing with others, Micus' heavily layered pieces are the result of years of painstaking and solitary pursuit. The result is an arc of recordings that, perhaps more so than most, truly reflects a life's calling that embodies more than merely music, realizing the spiritual search that clearly informs his work as well.
Behind Eleven Deserts its third album, recorded into 1978.
The following music tools are used for the record of disk:
Suling - bamboo flute
Bodhran - Irish drum played by the hands
Sarangi - Indian bow intsrument, sound which is very close to the violoncello
Sitar - Indian tool, which usually is played under accompaniment of the drums


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