March 22, 2008


Artist: BJORK
Album: VOLTA
Year: 2007
Genre: Electronica, Rock, Alternative,

One thing is the supremacy voice of Bjork that makes you want to hear her songs with bigger attention. Second is the songs, that is so much pioneeringly that possibly it needs more from one time in order to begin to like them (the truth t is that the first time I heard the disk didn't like it so much) however when i listen more n more the things they were different the songs began to to revealed to me .A beautiful and unusual disk!

01. Earth Intruders
02. Wanderlust
03. Dull Flame Of Desire
04. Innocence
05. I See Who You Are
06. Vertabrae By Vertabrae
07. Pneumonia
08. Hope
09. Delcare Independence
10. My Juvenile
11. Earth Intruders (Mark Stent Extended Mix)
12. Innocence (Mark Stent Mix)
13. I See Who You Are (Mark Bell Mix)


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