March 30, 2008

dEUS - Worst Case Scenario

Artist: dEUS
Album: Worst Case Scenario
Year: 1994

dEUS is an indie rock band based in Antwerp, Belgium, consisting of Tom Barman (vocals and guitar), Klaas Janzoons (keyboards and violin), and Stephane Misseghers (drums), Alan Gevaert (bass) and Mauro Pawlowski (guitar).

The band, whose songs are primarily sung in English, was formed in Antwerp in the early 1990s, and displayed a bewildering array of influences, including Captain Beefheart, Mingus-style jazz, Leonard Cohen and the Velvet Underground. Consequently, they incorporate a wide variety of styles, including Pop, Punk and Heavy Metal into their work. They became one of the most successful (and influential) Belgian rock bands ever


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