March 19, 2008

Yume Bitsu - Giant Surface Music Falling to Earth Like Jewels From the Sky

Portland-based space-drone quartet Yume Bitsu play ambient rock music.
Yume Bitsu's spacious, airy epics fall around you in sheets, almost like a heavy rain of musical colors: cool, damp, haunting synth curtains fold around eerie, reverb-drenched guitar lines while dense, psychedelic percussive hailstones fall all about. The sound suggests the ambient psychedelia of '70s Ash Ra Tempel or Tangerine Dream as well as the synth-happy drone of My Bloody Valentine. Yume Bitsu's compositions are primarily instrumental, though ethereal, melodious vocals enter the mix occasionally.

* Of Freedom and Flight
* The End of Pain Is Near
* Travels Over Seascapes
* Flight of the Navigator
* Where Fog Blurs and Covers, Emptiness Prevails


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