May 18, 2008

Белые Флаги Зажигайте Медленно

Artist:Белые Флаги Зажигайте Медленно
Album: Даже если пролетариат возьмет власть в свои руки, весна все равно достанется нам, а цели войны останутся целями войны
Year: 2008
Genre:Post Rock,Indie

Four young musicians and unbelievably beautiful sounds from Russia!Maybe this is one of the best post-rock bands in 2008. Really impressive and excellent material..

Band Members

Ilya Sizov - bass, guitar
Oleg Vahromeev - keyboards, sampler
Boris Ionov - guitar, noise effects
Sasha Chirkin - drums

An attempt to translate into English:

Band Name:Set The White Flags On Fire Slowly
Album:Even If The Proletariat Takes The Power Into Its Own Hands, The Spring Will Be Left For Us, And The Aims Of War Will Remain The Aims Of War


01. 08.01.07 (2:28)
02. We Are Armed Only With The Smouldering Cigarettes And Several Hundreds Stroboscopes (3:14)
03. 16.11.06 (1:43) 1
04. Rocket Engines In The Supermarket Carts (5:34)
05. 19.08.06 (1:06)
06. Old Ages Of Our Memories Go To Pieces Inside The Sun (6:28)
07. 15.05.07 (0:46)
08. Among The Burning Spokes Of Sunset Collected Into The Neck Of A Jameson Bottle (5:30)
09. On The Photographs Of The People Who Will Never Meet Us (3:20)
10. 15 Missed Calls (6:58)

" We do not believe that just a few days ago, finished work on our first album, however, report that this is so.
Thanks to all who believed in us and those who helped with the recording (Eugene, hello!). In the near future we print discs and let you know how you can get them, but in the meantime, spread all for downloading (cover will be later, when the print, and now - a small plakatik, who has also become an important part of design, for photos in plakatike thanks zelcer. Yeah, we’ve done it! first album is here!"


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