May 11, 2008

Rome - Confessions D'Un Voleur D'Ames

Album:Confessions D'Un Voleur D'Ames
Year: 2007
Genre: Industrial, Martial, Neo-folk

Rome is a Luxembourgian act on the Cold Meat Industry label.Rome is the future of the neo-folk world. It does not fall into the same four chords played with the guitar in a “wanting to live up to Death in June” sound. And it moves enough into post-industrialism to be called experimental and to be misunderstood. This fresh combination of sounds: great guitar work, martial percussion, pop melodies and dark crooning, capture the listener and transport them into a different world.

Or in other words; Rome is about emotive songs that are both catchy and disturbed. The songs awake memories of love and death, with the reoccurring themes of despair and loss, guilt and grief, might and war.

"Only a few months after the release of its first full-length album NERA, ROME is back yet again to show that it's here to stay. CONFESSIONS D'UN VOLEUR D'AMES is a call from a world where love and despair are locked in an embrace. A black craving in the fangs of war, the joys of stealth in a riot of blossoms.
This second album is calmer and rather more personal than NERA. These confessions are often dark and poetic, sometimes brutal, but most of all intimate. Again you will find traces of all kinds of genres of obscure music; ambient, neo-classical, dark wave, apocalyptic folk, martial industrial. ROME couldn't care less about boundaries of genres. However, the tone is less militant, the main themes being treachery and sacrifice, temperance and composure.
With a distinctive slice of military suicide pop fiddled into their sound, ROME has established itself as one of the most lively and interesting "martial" folk acts up and about. These confessions prove that ROME has become a force to be reckoned with."(


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