May 24, 2008

All Angels Gone - Quietly

Artist:All Angels Gone
Album: Quietly
Year: 2004
Genre:Post - Rock, Experimental

All Angels Gone is a French post-rock band from Paris formed in 2001.Dark, somber, eerie and beautifully melodic.

Paris is one of most imaginary places on the planet. Whether or not you’ve even step foot in the city, the name alone stuffs your head with images of high culture, pacifism, or ostentatious flamboyancy. Following suit, the instrumental music scene is about as varied as the stereotypical images we project on their culture, from electronic smoothie makers M83 to the orchestrated metal of Don’t Look Back. While the two aforementioned bands, among a grid of others, produce a sound eclectic and offbeat in nature, All Angels Gone venture down a path that defines the sweet, dark underbelly of Parisian culture perfectly—at least for this writer— your typical American music snob..more


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