May 23, 2008

Abakus - That Much Closer to the Sun

Album: That Much Closer to the Sun
Year: 2004
Genre:Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica
Country:United Kingdom

A brilliant piece of music by Abakus. Just every single track brings really interesting melodic as well as rythmic elements. Some tunes are rather chilled, suited for a sunset on the beach :) - few others are more on the downtempo electro side. Real nice composition all in all.

"Liquid Sound Design have raised the bar even higher with the release of Abakus’s (aka Russell Davies) exquisite debut album ‘That Much Closer To The Sun’….. a perfect title for an album that literally does put some sunshine in your life after that first listen.

Superbly produced and laden with melodies and hooks ‘Closer to the Sun’ delivers on all fronts. Across eleven tracks Russell Davies has created an album that simply ‘works’ from start to finish, from the Balearic joy Nightwalker, to the recent single Indu plus future classics A Whole New Way & Magenta, the album is choca with musical gems.

The 12" Indu (with shiloh remix) has been getting support and plays from Digweed, Nick Warren, Phil Thompson and Hybrid who called it "outstanding!". The unusal hybrid track has bridged musical genres and sits equally at home on the dancefloor as it does at home....
As well Abakus, Russell Davies moonlights as one half Nada (LSD) and remixes the likes of The Orb and Kooler. Citing a variety of music influences from breaks to trance, progressive to dub, Russell has puts them all into the musical melting pot and created an album that defies pigeon holing."(


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