May 16, 2008

Ben Woods - A Collection Of Thoughts

Artist:Ben Woods
Album: A Collection Of Thoughts
Year: 2008
Genre:Neo-classical, Experimental, Piano
Country:United States

Inspired by nothing other than pure emotion, Ben Woods has turned his deepest, most raw feelings into ethereal piano melodies. The piano swells with heartfelt anguish and absorbs the listener in an atmosphere of brooding sincerity. A Collection of Thoughts is heart wrenching and beautiful.

Ben Woods is a full time student at the University of Plymouth UK, where most of this music is written and recorded. His style is has been described as dense and intoxicating whilst at the same time beautiful and deep. His music is written to audibly represent recent emotions and feelings with regard to situation, experience and circumstance.His latest work is predominantly piano based but Ben is always working on the newest approach he discovers. He has been working on a series of acoustic guitar lead soundscapes and has also been experimenting with turning written acoustic songs into beautifully layered drones.

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