May 16, 2008

Petrograd In Transit - Lifesize Balloon Animals

Artist:Petrograd In Transit
Album: Lifesize Balloon Animals
Year: 2008
Genre:Post Rock

Beautiful, inspiring post-rock reminiscent of This Will Destroy You and Sigur Ros, but in a league completely of its own.

"We are Petrograd In Transit. We hail from Russia. We made quite a name for ourselves in the Yelsinky Province and outer Siberia, playing in bread lines and Putin protests. To make money to support our families (each member has no less than seven children, all told) we landed on your democratic shores ala Alexy, our knuckleheaded manager. We tell him all day, “Saint Petersburg, we must play the capitol!” Alexy got us a bargain all right. We landed in St. Petersburg, Florida and we know this because when we got off the flight we didn’t smell organized crime or smoked fish. There were palm trees and people had these strange expressions (which we later learned are called ‘smiles’). Also we still had our яички because of the weather which stays above zero all thirteen months of the year. Please enjoy our music. We make it especially for you. With a little help we will get Visas and tour this great nation. Please don’t generalize us Russians; we are a moody, self-obsessed people who love brooding, literature and ballet, not the fun-loving Europeans you take us for."

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