May 11, 2008

Aldo Ciccolini - E. Satie:Works for Piano

Album: Works for Piano
Composer: Erik Alfred Leslie Satie
Pianist:Aldo Ciccolini
Year: 1986

Aldo Ciccolini (born August 15, 1925), is a French pianist of Italian origin.Ciccolini is a
interpreter and advocate of the piano music of the French composers Maurice
Ravel, Claude Debussy and Erik Satie.

Listening to Satie's dreamy, timelessly beautiful Gymnopedies, one could hardly imagine that their composer was a man more characterized during his lifetime - and after - by his eccentricities than his music.Erik Alfred Leslie Satie (1866-1925); born May 17, 1866 in Honfleur, Basse-Normandie, France, Erik Satie was a music composer, and a performing pianist, though mainly for café- and cabaret audiences. Satie wrote theatre and ballet music, as well as piano music. His compositions are original, humorous, often bizarre, and very minimalistic. His music is sometimes called furniture music, supposed to be in the background of everyday life. It is evidently anti-romantic and also anti-impressionistic.Satie eventually became a leading figure of the French avant-garde.


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