May 2, 2008

Immanu El -They'll Come They Come

Artist:Immanu El
Album: They'll Come They Come
Year: 2007
Genre:Post Rock,Indie-Pop,Ambient

Immanu El is a young Swedish band with a sound of guitar and keyboard soundscapes, low key, captive singing and with somewhat of a moving nordic presence. The music is focused on post/indie rock sounds in variated dynamics.Debut album "they'll come, they come" was released in the fall of 2007.

Atmospheric indie-pop with post rock influences

"Immanu El is a post-rock band from Sweden that was formed when a couple of high school friends decided to make music in the Summer of 2004. Like many other Swedish Post-Rock bands, Immanu El's music focuses on vocals even more so than bands like Logh, Ef and September Malevolence. Their first release was an CDR EP in 2005 called, "Killerwhale". After doing some live shows and touring with different artists such as Sigur Rós and the previously mentioned Ef they struck a deal with And The Sound records. In August of 2007 they released their full-length debut, "They'll Come, They Come".
Immanu El's music can be seen as a combination of ambient, Indie Pop (mainly because of the vocals) and Post-Rock. The vocals are somewhat similar to Jonsi's from Sigur Rós and are sang in English. The music is very atmospheric and prefers to stay subtle and not loud. Highly recommended for fans of Sigur Rós, Ef, Gregor Samsa and other Post-Rock bands that emphasizes on vocals."(Ruben Dario)


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