May 10, 2008

Message to Bears - EP1

Artist:Message to Bears
Year: 2007
Genre:Instrumental, Ambient
Country:United Kingdom

Message To Bears is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander. Alexander creates beautiful soundscapes by overlaying acoustic guitar lines, piano, percussion, spoken word samples and strings.


"Message To Bears is the work of young and talented musician, Jerome Alexander. Incorporating acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, drums and sampling, he has created a rather gentle and affecting ep here, that nods to both Jose Gonzalez and Eluvium. There are some moments of uplifitng beauty on "Ep 1", whether it is through a simple guitar melody or the introduction of some light drumming. A collection of folky instrumental acoustic tracks, each song contains something that will make you want to go back for more." - Boring Machines

"From what I've read, and to the best of my knowledge, Message to Bears is only one person, a man from the UK named Jerome Alexander. He seems to be a natural-born instrumentalist, gifted at creating some very emotional, delicate music. The music he's recorded is subtle and beautiful, rich is tone and texture. It's soothing in the purest sense. When I listen, I imagine wide-open landscapes that haven't yet been touched by modern civilization. I suppose that kind of thing only exists in movies, which is rather fitting, because this album could very well be the score to a film. The music itself falls somewhere between EITS and Eluvium. Very guitar based, acoustic finger picking that definitely has its scopes set pretty high. Luckily, it never fails in its attempt." - Decoy Music

"Electronica that doesn’t make me wince. Instrumentals that do more than float aimlessly looking for a place to roost, or trying to get your attention by flashing and spashing you with isolated and losts sounds. This is just a current, a jet-stream, it moves you - not in the “it moved me to tears” half-emotion. No this is surreal, and dynamic. There’s no pretense, and it certainly doesn’t sound underground - this is open to the fresh air. Resonating through all sorts of frequencies that I really don’t understand." - Nothing But Green Lights

listen...To Make A Portrait


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