May 19, 2008

Devotchka - A Mad and Faithful Telling

Artist: Devotchka
Album: A Mad and Faithful Telling
Year: 2008
Genre:Indie, Folk Rock, Gypsy Punk
Country:United States

DeVotchKa is a four piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, Mariachi (and many more styles) music with American punk and folk roots. They take their name from Anthony Burgess' Nadsat word for "young girl," which is itself derived from the Russian word (девочка) of the same meaning. Based in Denver, Colorado, the quartet is made up of Nick Urata, who sings and plays theremin, guitar, bouzouki, piano, and trumpet; Tom Hagerman, who plays violin, accordion, and piano; Jeanie Schroder, who sings and plays sousaphone and double bass; and Shawn King, who plays percussion and trumpet.

an incredible piece of work. .Simply beautiful music..Great vocals!!

"DeVotchKa has always done the gypsyish-rock sound, and in their last album "How It Ends" they added a poignant string section.
Well, they do one better in "A Mad and Faithful Telling," a gloriously energetic, sepia-toned ride that juggles rock, pop, Eastern European dance, and a tinge of that heartbreaking orchestral music. As it makes you laugh and breaks your heart, DeVotchKa turns out their most balanced, polished album to date.
Urata has one of those great warbling voices often found in Eastern European music. And the lyrics match his yowly vocals -- laments about greed, confusing love songs, and even a prayer where he announces that "you know I never hurt no one/What I have stolen won't be missed" and warns that "If you must take me/I can not go peacefully/I left someone waiting for me..."

"A Mad and Faithful Telling" is mad, but remains faithful to no style. Ballads, mariachi-flavoured dance and gypsy rock'n'roll are all woven into this amazing little album... and it ends up being their best."(E. A Solinas "ea_solinas")


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